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December 9, 2005

Windows Live Local

Microsoft launched Windows Live Local, a new version of its Virtual Earth aerial image service. Using images and technology from Pictometry International Corp., a specialist in this area that signed a licensing deal with Microsoft earlier this year, Windows Live Local will give users images of a much higher resolution and quality than Virtual Earth. Users will be able to zoom in much closer and also tilt the view to see buildings and streets from different angles, and not just directly from above. Virtual Earth is able to do this, but Windows Live Local's ability is more sophisticated and extensive.

Features like Birds Eye imagery and User pushpins are pretty nice. Right now that only covers about 25 percent of the market (U.S. metro areas). But eventually it will be national and international.

Try Windows Live Local.

What more to expect from Windows Live in the future?

  • Windows Live Mail - a new, global Web e-mail service, built from the ground up to be faster, safer and simpler.

  • Windows Live Messenger will help individuals deepen their connections with the people they care about through instant messaging, file and photo sharing, PC-based calling, and more.

  • Windows Live Safety Center - a Web site where users can scan for and remove viruses from their PC on demand.

  • Windows Live Favorites - a service that enables individuals to access their Microsoft Internet Explorer and MSN Explorer favorites from any PC that’s online.

Enjoy some pictures from Windows Live launch.