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December 16, 2005

GMail Mobile -

Now you can access your GMail messages from the web browser on your mobile phone or device. Read and reply to your GMail messages any time, anywhere.

GMail Mobile offers a number of cool features:

* The interface is automatically optimized for the phone you're using
* You can access attachments, including photos, Microsoft Word documents, and .pdf files
* If you enter phone numbers in your Gmail Contacts list, you can reply to messages by call

GMail Mobile should work on most web enabled mobile phones and devices that have a wireless data plan. Try it out for yourself.

Point your phone's web browser to

Here is a list of phones that are compatible:


* Nokia 3100
* Nokia 6010
* Nokia 6200
* Nokia 6820
* Treo 600


* Audiovox SMT5600
* BlackBerry 7100G
* Blackberry 7290
* LG F9100
* Motorola V3 Razor
* Motorola V400
* Motorola V551
* Nokia 3200
* Nokia 6610i
* Nokia N70
* Siemens CT66
* Siemens+SX66
* Sony Ericsson k600i


* LG PM-325
* LG VI-5225
* Nokia 6225
* Samsung MM-A700
* Samsung SPH-A700
* Sanyo PM 8200
* Sanyo SCP-4900
* Sanyo SCP-5400
* Sanyo SCP-5500
* Sanyo SCP-7300
* Sanyo TL-4920
* Toshiba VM4050


* Blackberry 7100t
* iPAQ
* Motorola A630
* Motorola V300
* Motorola V600
* Nokia 3300
* Nokia 6230
* Sidekick II
* Sony Ericsson k500i
* Sony Ericsson Z600


* Audiovox CDM8910VW
* Audiovox CDM8940VW
* Kyocera KWC-KX2
* LG VX6100
* LG VX8100
* Motorola E815
* Motorola V710
* Samsung SCH -A890
* Samsung SCH-I730
* Treo 650

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  1. My handsets manufactorers is samsung. And the model l am using is SGH-E720. ls it compatible to access gmail? The reason why l am asking is that, l have already all the settings required to access gmail but the problem comes when l want to access my mail box. After entering my lD! and then password, l can not proceed any longer from this point. You mentioned some kind of mobile phones which are compatible for this service, but you did not mention E, D, X etc series. Are these not compatible?

  2. Can you write this on Croatian???!!!


    Cuz I can`t understand everything!!!

  3. Can you please tell me how is it possible that my nokia 3500c phone is showing the Word files attached in gmail when it is not a windows compatible phone??
    And can any one plz tell me which software should i download(& from where) so that I can see a google map or any kind of map in my phone???

  4. yo tengo un celular chino modelo mp7 carasteristica JC730s como hago para que funcione?? mi mail

  5. Am using nokia5000d-2,and not fund among the list,is this implies not compatible?pls how can i join facebook b/c i have tried to use my mail on facebook but,tells me incorrect password/email

  6. Am using motorola z3 when ever I try inbox @gmail i rev message that rq working data connection AND asking to chek signal strenth thouh i've rvd mobile office setting from the oprater pls guide Email


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