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October 22, 2008

G1 Promoted on Google's Homepage

Is this the first time when Google promotes on the homepage a gadget? Some users from the US spotted an interesting line below Google's search box: "New! G1 is available now. Learn about the phone."

The landing page links to and features Google's homepage on Android's WebKit-based browser and a Street View image from New York.

G1 is more than just the first Android-powered phone, it's a true Google phone. It comes preloaded with everything that's necessary to enjoy Google's services on a mobile phone: it's easy to search on the web using Google, YouTube and Google Maps are ubiquitous, your contacts, emails and calendar events are synchronized to a Google account.

Ten years after making the web searchable, Google brings the web into your pocket. A web that's more personal and more relevant to your life.

G1 launch event in San Francisco


  1. I think this is dangerous. Google has a reputation of being non-biased. They have, in the past, promoted their own products. They have also mentioned non-profit 3rd parties. But I don't like the fact that they're promoting T-Mobile on their homepage.

  2. I agree. I hate T-Mobile. The service where I live is the worst of any other carrier that exists. I had halfway thought about getting a G1, but I'm strongly disappointed in Google's narrow-mindedness. T-Mobile will NEVER win my business back. That's like having a cow that won't give milk. It just stands around, eats, and craps.

  3. Wow can;t wait till this hits Cyprus....if it ever does!!!


  4. Ad is up in the UK too, though it goes elsewhere:

  5. I love iPhone, As well as G1.
    I want both of them. :)

  6. I can't wait for an Android phone to be released here in Ireland

  7. On a G1 right now the phone is like a dream come true in many aspects. I'm glad google showed some love on the homepage.

    Id rather browse on the G1 then be chained to my desk or lug an overpriced laptop around.


  8. I love google, whats the harm in promoting itself? Cheers....

  9. Well I used to use T-Mobile back in 2002 and been using Cingular/AT&T ever since, just switched to t-mobile, and ordering my g1, I have to admit that T-Mobile's signal and 3g performance is better than AT&T in Arizona and Pennsylvania from what I have noticed, I get more bars, also check, there are probably others, not to mention you can get a g1 on a flexpay account for 179.99 which flexpay has the same accounts as regular tmobile accounts without a contract/credit check

  10. Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Why would they not promote their own product?

  11. @JohnW: Android isn't exclusively for T-Mobile. Surely you've heard that it's open source? Motorola is staking their mobile future on building their own Android "social phone", and Sprint may be looking into Android, too, as it's also a member of the Open Handset Alliance.

    I've also heard T-Mobile assists good customers with unlocking phones, so that they can be used on any carrier worldwide... except the US carriers Verizon and AT&T, I believe.

  12. I was caught rather off guard by the ad. Google is not breaking any laws by posting the advertisement, but it may turn people off from advertising on Google when they produce a competitive product, which now a days is broad. How would you feel if you were Apple or RIM, you were paying Google for advertising, and saw this add on their homepage? I would be pissed!

    As far as I'm concerned, this take Google one step closer to the realm of Microsoft.

  13. the G-1 does support down loads from the web of data but you can down load pictures and music.

    I do not understand why the Phone does not support such a simple program to down load and save a web page.

    It is not hard to write such a program and it does not make sense that you can down load music and pictures but a simple document.

  14. how can i add g-1 to my cell phone ?


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