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October 2, 2008

The Invisible GoogleUpdate.exe

Most of the recently released Google software uses live installers that download the required files from Google's servers and enable an auto-updater. Whether you want to install Chrome, Gears, Lively or Google Earth's plug-in, Google first downloads a small setup file that needs an Internet connection to obtain the software.

The most important reason why Google doesn't provide offline installers for these applications is the auto-update software, which has a separate development cycle. Instead of integrating an auto-update feature in all the applications, like in Picasa, Google Desktop or Google Toolbar, Google decided to create an independent tool that deals with keeping Google software up-to-date.

"GoogleUpdate.exe is a software component that acts as a meta-installer and auto-updater in many downloadable Google applications, including Google Chrome. It keeps your programs updated with the latest features. More importantly, GoogleUpdate allows your Google applications to be rapidly updated if security flaws are discovered," details Google.

Web applications can be easily updated and everyone gets the latest version, but desktop software needs to be updated manually or by the software itself. Google chose to automatically update most of its applications, in many cases without providing an option to disable the updates and without informing the user when a new version is installed.

GoogleUpdate automatically runs in the background when you start your computer and it connects to Google's servers every few hours to check if there are updates and to report some usage data.

"When GoogleUpdate communicates with Google servers, it sends IDs of GoogleUpdate-managed applications on your computer and general usage information for these applications. GoogleUpdate also uses its own, randomly-generated unique ID number to accurately count total users. This information includes version numbers, languages, operating system, and other install or update-related details, such as whether or not the applications have been run."

GoogleUpdate is installed as a system service, which can be disabled from the services console, but there's no transparent option to uninstall it. It also installs the GoogleOneClick plug-in for Firefox, IE, Chrome that allows Google to launch the updater directly from a web page. If you kill GoogleUpdate.exe from the task manager, a scheduled task will reopen the service when your computer is idle. Google says that the service is uninstalled a few hours after you uninstall the last application that uses it. "Google Update Service uninstalls itself when there is no Google software using it. It may take a few hours after uninstalling Google software for Google Update to uninstall."

To make things even more difficult for those who manually remove the updater, "you may find that your Google programs no longer function properly and, in many cases, you may see GoogleUpdate return automatically".

Even if the software's intentions are noble, it's unfortunate that Google doesn't inform users about the updater and it doesn't provide an option to disable GoogleUpdate or to ask before downloading updates.


  1. This is extremely irritating. Google really needs to have a manual option for this. I don't want it updating software when I'm trying to record audio or burn a DVD!

  2. Had Microsoft done this The whole blogpsphere would be up in arms.
    I'm quite Pro-Google, but this is just wrong

  3. The idea of keeping Google software up todate is a good one. Ideally this shouldn't be a problem, but in reality every user's situation is different. I generally trust Google, but the way Google will keep this trust, I think, is through transparency...although the help page quoted above does go further than many software companies would go.

  4. To be sincere, this is one of the things I hate from Google. I preffer something like the Firefox update, something "built in", or a quick check that runs when you start the software.
    They need to work on this.

  5. Yeah, this is definitely a strike against Chrome, but I'm still in love with it's speed.

  6. This is the primary reason why I do not use any Google desktop applications. I want to manually dictate when my updates occur, and I certainly do not want an unannounced, required background application taking up system resources all the time without my permission. The first comment speaks to this - if I'm burning a CD or playing a game, I don't want Google to decide to perform an update.

    I think having a common installation manager is a great idea - even having the default mode be automated installation, that's great - but there needs to be a downloadable offline installer and an option to disable and otherwise control the updates.

    Google's installation method also prevents offline installations, including unattended installations. If Google software can't be a part of my unattended baseline, then I'll just stick to alternative applications. This is very poor, as their applications themselves are good. Google, please reconsider!


  7. "you may find that your Google programs no longer function properly and, in many cases, you may see GoogleUpdate return automatically"

    This reminds me of iTunes and its iTunes helper application...even if you remove/disable it from startup in msconfig, subsequent updates may put it right back in there. Shouldn't the app respect your preferences?

  8. yep dont use google software for the same reason, sure i install and try, but i would leave chrome, gears, picasa and google earth installed if it wasnt for the always running google software, each software should check for updates when its turned on, that simple... dont need any other soft running on the background...

  9. Google Earth



  10. Actually, I disagree.
    I think the updaters are necessary, and reduce the burden on Google to support idiots who refuse to upgrade. WHY do people not upgrade from IE6?
    I want to use the latest version, I don't want to be pestered about it. As a developer, I want everyone on the same version. It makes perfect sense. MS should never have caved to the the privacy-mad nutters.

  11. Overall I think that the best update system is the one used by linux, namingly the repositeries; They ask before they install, yet a normal user keeps ALL his applications up to date. (Partially this is the reason why viruses have a hard time on linux). I don't mind google auto upgrading, but it should ask in one way or another, preferable it should be part of some kind of OS level application and nog google specific.

  12. it's meant to update the software, so it functions better and is more secure. What would you not wanted??? because you're afraid it's gonna update durig dvd burning or recording audio is no excuse. I think google is smart enough to update only when pc is idle. i think is best practice and everyone should accept it this way.

    1. unfortunately, google is not "smart enough". i love to keep all my stuff up to date, but having my computer take too long to boot so i can start using it just because google updater is hogging all the resources is wrong, wrong, wrong. not google, nor any other application provider knows how every user wants to use their computer. opperant word, "their". not google's, not ms's, not adobe's, not anybody else's.

  13. We are sanctioned. Iranians are sanctioned from using any of google services and all of them use google update. I don't know, if we are banned from using for example, Google Chrome, then our leaders won't be able to make nuclear power? is that the spirit? well, thanks a lot.

  14. A central application which downloads and installs updates for all your applications. Now where have I seen that before? Oh yea, that's why I like Ubuntu

  15. Ack, this is one of the things I hate, I keep seeing googleupdate running in the background and have tried EVERYTHING to kill it. Why you might ask? Because it sometimes locks up my PC (don't know why) or turns it insanely slow. I have narrowed the culprit to the googleupdate because when I kill it in task manager it fixes the problem. This is a BIG negative to Google.

  16. Why does Google need this in OSX instead of just hooking into the system's software updater?

  17. Very bad design practice from Google (and from Apple as well by the way). Imagine that all my install software starts an auto-update service.

    The update function should be embedded in the software itself. Or why not including it in the Windows Update, i.e. delegate this function to the OS?

  18. Q: Why would I not want it to?
    1. It eats up my Internet Bandwidth, which is still costly in India
    2. It slows down my internet surfing speed.
    3. Eats away my processor.
    4. Irritates my System Admin in my office, once when he comes to know that I am eating most of the company's bandwidth.
    5. New Google Products may not have features present in older versions (like Google Toolbar, Google Desktop, etc). What if I insist on using older products!!
    6. Reduces my download speed.

  19. Amazing, never knew this before.

  20. i do no like this feature because i do not want to update my system daily...

  21. This is one of the things that will keep Google from making inroads too deep in Corporate America. We actually require that our users use Google's search engine, but we don't allow them to run most of Google's applications. Why? With 100+ PCs all sharing the same internet connection that's a lot of times the same stupid thing has to be downloaded. With MS products (as much as I hate them, this is one good thing they've done), we have a WSUS server sitting here that handles those downloads once. The administrator (that's me) then reviews those updates and if they are approved, they get pushed out to all the PCs on the network... having only been downloaded from the Internet once and giving the Network Admin full control over what actually gets installed.

  22. Anonymous said on October 2, 2008 9:23 AM PDT:
    Why not upgrade from IE6 to IE7? (or 8)?
    Because both of them are terrible.
    IE6 isn't insecure by design, it is insecure because idiots use it and don't know how to secure their computers.
    I have IE6 locked down 100%, tested it against all the popular virii that are meant to break through.

    Same goes for Firefox 1.5 compared to 2 and the downright awful 3.
    2, not so much, but 3 is terrible, especially when it disallows you to open a webpage, THAT takes things too far Mozilla, screw you forever.

    Anyway, i agree and disagree with this updater.
    Agree because it makes things simpler, makes programs slightly smaller too.
    BUT, i disagree that it can't be launched manually.
    As s.l.debnath said, it can't eat up quite a lot of bandwidth in a business situation, and not just that, what if you are on a laptop, or a wireless connection. (wi-fi or mobile services like 3G)?
    They need to add some options to the auto-updater.

  23. Sometimes Symantec security client asks the user to block the service from connecting to internet.So i dont think its quite invisible.

  24. Btw, you can use Alt+PrintScreen to capture just a window instead of the entire desktop--save you some time from cropping.

  25. There should be nothing called "Auto Updater" !!

    If Google wants to provide us with their up-to-date piece of software then an "Auto Notifier" would be by far the most thing i may accept.

    Please respect our bandwidth and our program preferences. I have never installed google toolbar and i've removed google chrome coz of ur hidden updater

  26. I HATE things like this. Google does it, Apple does it, Adobe does it, Friggen HP does it.


    I don't want a half dozen extra processes running in the background.

    I don't want things using my bandwidth WITHOUT ASKING.


    Just leave it out google, what's so hard about each app checking when you start it up? Huh? What's so hard about that? Firefox seems to be able to check quite nicely by itself, as does Thunderbird.

    You are not the center of the world Google, you're just not.

  27. This feature is really annoying. Its is surely a noble idea to privide me with the latest updates, but I prefer to update my software myself. I want to check what each particular update actually does, what it changes, how does it affect my privacy, etc... Do you spy on us Google?

  28. The concept is simple. You make a decent program or piece of hardware, that's great.
    If you charge for it, then do not put in hidden apps or bloatware. If you give it away, then when the program starts, ask the user if they wish to update, via context menu, or prompt.
    If you make something incredible, then you can even put ads in or offer an upgrade to pro.
    These companies that wish to tell the public that things are for their own good, really just need to take the time to ask.. 'hey user123, would you like us to think for you regarding these processes, YES/NO'

    Just my thoughs,

  29. Basic Options:
    you want GoogleUpdate to search updates
    every second _
    every week _
    manually X
    do you want GoogleUpdate to autostart?
    yes _
    no X

  30. Thanks, I think this just identified the mystery download that I've been trying to find.

    The problem with all these "auto" updates is that they assume you're on high speed. We can only get dial-up here at the farm so downloading a meg or more is a whole lot more than "irritating".

    In fact, more and more I think it should be re


  31. Sorry, got mixed up typing in extra stuff above ...

    the final sentence should be

    "In fact, more and more I think it should be required that all network software developers (and web site developers) work and use their products on dial-up (maybe at least for one day a week)! Then you'd start to appreciate the true costs of the bloated SW and "features" that really have little (if any) real end user value"

    OK ... rant off :-).

    cheers, Andrew

  32. use Opera -- it's much MUCH faster even on outdated hardware, and has more advanced feature -- voice support, advanced mouse support, etc.
    looks like Opera is written in assembler, and Chrome in slow interpreter.

    Google Chrome is slow, and sometimes you can experience weird timeouts. don't be surprised -- it's not Google and not Apple codes -- it's both. :) Wait 3-5 more years before Google improve the code, plus, don't forget to be worried that big brother google always spies on you -- you cannot turn it off. after all, isn't the whole purpose of the own browser for google in looking at you in microscope?

    think about it!

  33. ALL the browsers take some of opera. Opera rulez

  34. I created an empty text file using wordpad, and saved it on the desktop, renaming it to googleupdate.exe

    then I used the search facility in explorer to find all examples of googleupdate.exe.

    I had to use the task manager to stop the running googleupdate task, then I selected "open containing folder" for each of the found examples of googleupdate.exe and I copied and pasted my blank text file over the top of the existing file.

    finally, I right-clicked on my blank text file and used the security tab to ensure the file was protected against replacement.

    finally I deleted the googleupdate.msi file.

    works a treat, no more background updating on my pc :-)


  35. Google needs to figure out how to go through corporate proxy servers. They do not have an authentication method where some proxy servers like Bluecoat require Active Directory Authentication.

    Google wake up an fix this issue if you want to live in corporate America!

  36. Awful just awful!

    Google - Don't install some hidden Spyware on my computer. I'm SURE I didn't sign up to THAT when I installed chrome.

  37. Is it possible for Google to steal information from my computer when its software is trying to update without my knowledge?

    Is Google trying to study our behavior of surfing in a good way or a bad one??

  38. Nope, Google doesn't send any personal information or data from your computer. The updater only sends a unique number associated with your computer, the list of Google software that you use and, if you have explicitly opted, some usage stats (e.g.: how often you use the software, the number of crashes etc.).

    "When GoogleUpdate communicates with Google servers, it sends IDs of GoogleUpdate-managed applications on your computer and general usage information for these applications. GoogleUpdate also uses its own, randomly-generated unique ID number to accurately count total users. This information includes version numbers, languages, operating system, and other install or update-related details, such as whether or not the applications have been run." (Google Help Center)

  39. Well, well... Initially everything started as "Don't be Evil". I feel like a 'Chromo-rabbit' now :) Updater runs every 5 minutes [firewall notifications] sending UPD packets.

    Don't remember GoogleUpdater opt-in on installation, or it doesn't matter any more? in a couple of years big G will know what type of toilet paper each of us is using:) - I like butterflies or penguins,

  40. You guys are thinking way, way too hard on this. Go to the Task Scheduler tool, open up the GoogleUpdateTaskUser task, and uncheck the "enable" checkbox, and save it. Re-login.

    There, no more updater task.

  41. If one follows jaffacake's method to stop Google from updating, the question is when one needs updating, do we go replace the text files from all location and re-install googleupdate.msi?

    This could be tedious and difficult to do.

  42. Anyone knows where is the Task Scheduler tool in my Win XP computer?
    I can only find Admin tools, then Services.

  43. I sent the following to Google as a comment:
    I DON'T like the googleupdate.exe!!! I update manually, or I at least expect a program to ASK ME FIRST! ... and I don't appreciate ANY program that thinks it is more important than it really is. Do away with this intrusion (and yes, that is part of what it is) or I (and everyone I influence) will do away with all things Google. There are plenty of alternatives, you know. Your call.

  44. I have my PCs set up so that no executable files can be written to, other than by my explicit consent - for obvious reasons: to stop malware being written to disk and so that I can control the configuration of my machines.
    Therefore any automated process that tries to update any software will fail. But that does not stop it being hugely irritating, just asking.
    An automated update process that cannot be killed, or configured or otherwise shut up, is doubly irritating.
    Installing sneaky background stuff (that I haven't asked for, haven't been told about and cannot get rid of) is something I expect of Microsoft or Apple - not of Google.

  45. I think Moo7a expressed my sentiments perfectly above:
    There should be nothing called "Auto Updater" !!

    If Google wants to provide us with their up-to-date piece of software then an "Auto Notifier" would be by far the most thing i may accept.

    Though I conduct most my internet usage on a leech (unlimited downloads) connection, I also have a 3G based USB modem which I use on the road. This 3G plan has has monthly download limit that once exceeded starts charging fairly hefty penalties rates.. So yeah Google, notify me if new updates are available, I will most likely download them.. but also give me an opt-out clause if the timing that you roll-out an update is not convenient for me to download it.

    But damn, I love the zippiness of Chrome so much.. I will endure I guess, and hope the techie core of Google employees can prod their production team into rethinking their approach to updates. It seems though Google are leaning toward the Apple 'Ignorance is Bliss' philosophy, but there are those of us who still like to know what is
    happening under the hood.

  46. Brilliant engineering!

    Why should I care? It's not as if it's my "personal" computer. If I want to boot up to quickly copy a file to a USB stick, isn't it my obligation to wait while Norton, SUN Java, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Apple search an Internet connection that doesn't exist for an update that isn't available?

  47. Thracx echoes my position exactly in his post. To wit:

    "I certainly do not want an unannounced, required background application taking up system resources all the time without my permission.... if I'm burning a CD or playing a game, I don't want Google to decide to perform an update.

    "I think having a common installation manager is a great idea - even having the default mode be automated installation, that's great - but there needs to be a downloadable offline installer and an option to disable and otherwise control the updates."

    Please try a different approach, Google.

    - Casey

  48. It makes no sense to me to include a hidden always-on updater. Even if it is a critical update, if I'm not currently using the Google program, why should I be checking for an update 24/7? All this process does is eat up my memory. I don't mind an app checking for updates every time you run it because that saves time looking for updates manually. In fact, that's useful because when I run the app [like Chrome or Google Earth], I'll be expecting it to look for updates already and won't be surprised. Plus when I'm running a Google app it's ok for Google to take my memory. But when I'm doing nothing Google-related, why should it take up CPU cycles and precious RAM space to check for updates that I probably don't care about for an application I'm not even currently using?

  49. This kind of behavior just sucks. What if all software on my PC would start hidden updaters? What if I have to pay for bandwith? What if I am in a corporate environment (would each PC start to check&download?) What if... this is just incredible bad design that makes the 'don't be evil' phrase look like a joke?

  50. Just imagine, the day google turns evil, they have complete system rights on nearly every computer on earth (at least all who installed one piece of their software)! They can access all your documents, install anything they want, they can even lock you out of your own computer!!! This would be the greatest botnet ever!
    Of course, such thing will never happen, will it?
    BTW, anyone knows the admin password for the google update server?

  51. finally i got fedup with the updater and uninstalled chrome. When I am traveling in remote areas of the world, i use dial-up. it sucks to have these updaters hogging up the limited bandwidth. bye bye google...

  52. i didnt find an uninstall option so i had to manually end the task, disable it from the service, and delete the scheduled task.
    i dont mind if youtube uploads better with google gears, but once ive finished i dont wasnt this program poping up periodically and transmitting receiving data on its own thank you very much.

    would much prefer a pop up message on google saying "click here to check if you have the latest versions of our tools". Then it lists us which ones are out of date, (Chrome, google earth, gears, etc) and we tick what we want installed. It can also say what has changed or why the update exists so we can choose to install it or not).

  53. Google Operating System Blog is not affiliated with Google™

    WTF are we all bitching about here for? DDoS the Google pinheads who pWN your asses.

    Now go to Scroogle and look for "SRWare Iron" a repurposed Chrome without the googlycrapola.

  54. Why not go into Task scheduler and set it for twice a year?

  55. i back Alex's statement

  56. i just updarted google earth (this is the only program i use from google) and it auto installed chrome as well. very anoyed. I made sure when i first downloaded GE i didn't tick any other box except GE, the intal istall was fine but now i have chrome uninstalled immediatley then opended google earth, google updater launched and reinstall chrome. if it wasn't that google erth was such a good program i would have uninstalled that as well. i hate updater that install tool bars and web brosers with out my permission, appel are just the same adn now will niot use iTunes for the same reason

  57. What do I think ? I want config tool with uninstall and systray option, and of course, ask before even trying to connect to network.

  58. Manual update preferences just like anti-virus programs. Googleupdate.exe NEVER waits for idle, it just starts updating when streaming video, audio, playing a game, not to mention it conflicts with Messenger Live and its new wlcomm.exe service I can't have the browser open AND messenger or any of the other Windows Live programs.

  59. I've 50 instances of this bloody thing running on my pc. Can't get rid of it and it is making my pc slow!!!!

  60. cheers for all the info! :)

  61. My computer was running slower and slower since installing Google Earth 5.0. Discovered 75+ instances of googleupdate running. I tried killing them but they immediately started coming back, I had four running in under 5 minutes. Finally uninstalled Gearth and everything is back to normal. It was a good thing while it lasted Google.

  62. It's fine if it was automatic once a day, or once per new connection to the internet, then perhaps few people would disagree with it.

    But I have both GoogleUpdate.exe and GoogleUpdater.exe (spot the difference, an r - why?), and also GoogleToolbarNotifier.exe running, all of which restart within half an hour if turned off with the Task Manager.

    It's like trying to uproot weeds in the garden

  63. Google's motto is supposed to be "Don't be evil." But I guess being extremely annoying, disingenuous, surreptitious and misleading is just okie dokie with them. Up yours, Google!

  64. i killed it
    u have to go to msconfig
    service -- hide all microsoft services --
    uncheck it
    restart ur computer
    go to my computer C:\
    program files
    search google folder
    delete it

    thats it
    Shareef Dana

  65. You're reeeeealy making hard of it.

    Just uncheck, ou schedule to another hour, in TASK SCHEDULER.
    Jesus, so simple!

    Isn't invisible. Isn't taking ur personal informations.

    You're just so "omg, Google is taking my data and invading my PC and taking all of my bandwith!!111one!" that you're blind to the simple solutions... so obvious!


  66. Thank you. I try to confine my g00gling to the web. A moment of insanity struck me and I downloaded g00gle earth. Next thing I know g00gle updater is rushing my firewall every five minutes. Sheesh.

    And to the numb-nuts who say it "...isn't invisible", it was an invisible install. At no time was I asked if I WANTED this service, it was forced upon me like a sweaty teenage boy at the drive-in movie. I didn't know I was in too deep until he was in too deep.

  67. " Anonymous said on December 25, 2008 6:34 PM PDT:
    Anyone knows where is the Task Scheduler tool in my Win XP computer?
    I can only find Admin tools, then Services."

    Control panel -> Scheduled Tasks.

  68. I hope Windows 7 will require user confirmation for installing background services or processes. And it will display big red scary messagebox recommending you to say no. Maybe then bloatware peddlers like Apple, Logitech (keyboard driver that weights 120MB and runs several background processes to handle 6 or 7 extra media buttons), Adobe, Creative, you name it, will reconsider.

    When I start my computer to quickly check email really the last thing I want is my webcam or keyboard starting their lame processes to try to update their useless software. Or to remind me to register so that I can get loads of spam from them.

    I especially hate Creative - you install their webcam driver and suddenly you have a dozen of background processes running: creative notifier, creative updater, creative loader, creative registration reminder, creative crap. I don't even have this camera connected (I connect it maybe once a month for half an hour), but they still run at startup, waste my time, waste my life. Say no to Creative and their bloatware!!!

    I vowed never to buy anything Creative long time ago, but I was given this webcam as a gift - damn bad luck!

  69. I'm pretty much disgusted with GoogleUpdate.exe. Never before have I seen something burrow itself into my system so deep - a service, a scheduled task, AND a firefox plugin? All this from a legitimate piece of software (google earth)? I just want to be able to keep my system uptodate on my own terms.

  70. What a piece of crap deal that google forces this on people.

    I had to stop the service then disable and shut it off in the startup.
    Then I reboot all happy and DAMNIT its back.

    Ok at this point I consider this either maleware or a virus. There should be no service thats disabled and removed from startup and continues to auto restart.

    So I go and do a YAHOO search and find out its all up in my system everywhere.

    Come on Google WHY do you need it embedded like that. Yes I understand some people do not update but this is crap. If someone knows how to disable the service then they should know how to update something.

    WHY can't you just disable the service and call it done.

    WHY do I have to disable the service then remove from startup and search for firefox plug-ins and then go one more step and check scheduler and disable it there too.

    To me only software that makes it that much of a pain to disable is either maleware or a virus. I rather pay 1k for software than to d/l something from you for free.


  72. thank you anonymous (july 13)

  73. Thank you anonymous (july 13) from me too.

    I had deleted everything Google on my system with Revo Uninstaller and Google Update kept running anyway. Annoying + stupid.

  74. The most obvious proof that google doesn't care and your best interest is not at heart is that if you kill googleupdate.exe, it launches another process to put it back. If google REALLY wanted to do what someone wanted, the software would offer an option, and would not force the user to use it with the only other remedy being getting rid of the entire package. And even if you remove the process it has a way of re-appearing later. This is exactly how many viruses behave even though this is not considered one. They behave in a forceful way. Google is an information company and will try to get as much info and snoop as much as possible, up to the point where it would be too much. If people are stupid, they will push even further.

  75. This is making Norton go crazy, I have un installed every Google application on my PC and now Google update keeps trying to access Norton's run time engine. Does any one have any Idea what is going on?

    It happens every hour on the hour to the minute (i have norton set to autoblock every intruder for 1 hour.)


  76. Google spyes everybody with that disgusting software! I'll get rid of it everywhere, on work where im the admin and at home with my children who I dont want to end up giving their private stuff to google!

  77. am I the only one having the problem that like 3 googleupdate.exe's are slowing down my computer at startup? I am sure that those are the ones slowing it down because the second they are gone everything works properly... and I can't end them either..

  78. This worked for me.

    Go to uninstall programs (control panel).
    Uninstall anything to do with Google.

    Go to task manager and stop the Google Updater program.

    Goto program Files and delete the Google directory.

    This worked for me, but you do this at your own risk.

    This may leave Google entries in the register.

    Good luck and good riddance.

  79. Just want to know if there are possible ways in updating google applications without internet connection?

  80. what a lot of paranoid individuals.
    Try installing Process Explorer (free) and see just what is actually running in the background.
    Then install Soluto (free) to monitor and control what is installed on boot up. Then delay anything you don't like until it is required.
    If more people used auto updates to keep their software up to date there would be much less virus activity for more rational users to cope with. Not that I have any problems since auto updates of my systems and malware programs keep me virus free.

  81. @ jaffacake
    Thanks - that is what I was looking for - no more GoogleUpdate running now - woo hoo.

    To those who say it is harmless:
    No company has the right to collect any information from my computer **EVER** unless they ask for my permission to do so **Upon Each Instance**.
    If someone calls you on the phone and asks to to participate in a survey, you can say no. Would you be OK with them pulling the info out of your head while you were asleep (idle) without your permission? Even if it did not include particularly "personal" info or they promised to keep that data "anonymous"?

  82. for starters why does it appear in my system32 folder...

    I dont even have gchrome anymore shouldnt it off took Googleupdate.exe away on uninstall also its constantly running ... il end the process and it just comes right backup again draining CPU.

    You Let me down GOOGLE

  83. 10/15/11 @ 1:50 AM - Installed Google Earth

    By 11:59:00 on 10/15/11 googleupdater phoned home 942 times! WTF?


    I work for a global corporation where IT blocks anything related to google. I'm sure there's more to it, but I now understand at least one reason why google is not allowed. If for nothing else, repeated connections like this could bring an intranet to its knees.

  84. Vipre Internet Security stops googleupdate.exe. A good thing in my opinion, but the crap sure gums up the whole system.
    If it were Microsoft, everybody would be up in arms. Maybe start a good classaction suit against google is in order!
    Anybody care to guess why I have an iphone instead of an android?

  85. Hi All. New Laptop PC. I uninstalled Google toolbar right off the bat. Then I uninstalled Chrome (it is o-k but not very sophisticated or as customizable as I'd like). I used Revouninstaller free version for this. Then I used Sysinternals Autoruns in administrative mode to turn them off then deleted them (it trims the Registry). Also, in Scheduled Tasks there were entries for gupdate and gupdatem. I ended and deleted both tasks also. I think I got everything and I'm still Google reprisals (LOL) or BSODs, etc.


  86. Your PC, your internet, your power consumption, they are all your personal resources. Giving a company control over your PC, what they install, when they install, is of great value to them. They basically 'own' part of your resources that they pay for, and they will take as much as they can, as long as users don't protest.

    Apple has users by the balls, as most don't understand value of privacy (as a consumer, your private information is of great value to corporations, and of great disadvantage to you, as a consumer, as a citizen.. nothing to do with counter terrorism). Apple can remotely remove apps from your device without your permission.

    Giving corporations this much control over your life, goes unnoticed or with indifference, until the day they you do suffer from it, be it advertisement and being disadvantaged by the fact that corporations have a strategic advantage over you (you go to a shop, shop already knows how desperate you are, eg. your weaknesses, or medical health insurance knows your whole family died of cancer, your premium will go up).. and then it's too late.

    And it is not a fault (but a weakness) to be ignorant, and thus not the ignorant but those taking advantage of it, are to blame.. and so regulation must protect citizens. Freedom of choice is a lie.

  87. This sure gives Google a black eye. Soon after I load the OS, googleupdate launches and controls about95% of my system resources for 3 to 5 minutes. I am virtually dead in the water. I tried to use Task Manager to turn it off but it responded that I could not close that program. What a stupid way to do business.


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