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October 2, 2008

Google Homepage Time-lapse

You can go back and see how Google's homepage evolved in the past 10 years. The video uses cached versions of Google's homepage from Internet Archive.

Google's special site for the 10th birthday shows 17 of the most interesting homepage interfaces and Philipp Lenssen analyzes some of them. My favorite Google homepage is the one from April 1999 which only included a search box, two buttons and a link to "More Google!". If you like it, there's a slightly different version at

Google linked to many pages that no longer exist, but they're still available at Internet Archive:
* some credits from 1998
* press coverage from 1998-1999
* older versions of Google's logo
* Google's affiliate program
* an old Google tour
* the special Katrina page.


  1. I don't think so...quite interesting indeed!

  2. I find it kind of interesting also.

  3. Its sanskrit song(Indian song)

  4. Takes me back to sitting with a 14400 modem hooked up to the phone.

  5. Oct 15, 2008 "new" Google. Bad change, cluttered, difficult to read, difficult to manage, visually annoying. I'll look for a new home page.

  6. How can i get my picture back on the google home page?
    i have a vista.. and you know on the google home page their is always a picture of like a snow man if its christmas or leaves falling from the tree if its fall. But it went away.. i dnt know wat i did. how can i get that back?

  7. Oh WOW
    the GUI just goes to show its true what they say
    "If it an't broke dont fix it"
    think the biggest change was with the google name being off center

    social history lol


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