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January 27, 2010

Google Chrome's Content Filtering

A recent Chromium build added some new options that let you filter content from web pages. A new dialog titled "Content Settings" adds new features for managing cookies, JavaScript content, images, plug-ins and pop-ups.

For example, you can enable an option that clears cookies when you close the browser, a feature that's available in many other browsers. Other features let you disable images, JavaScript or plug-ins for a list of sites. If these settings are exposed via an API, developers will be able to build extensions like NoScript.

I tried to enable some of the new features, but they didn't work in the most recent Chromium build (revision 37221).


  1. Alex,

    None of this stuff works yet, nor is the full UI in place. We're just starting to get some of the pieces checked in.

    Generally you should wait for us to ship something in a Dev channel release and note it before you assume it's in any kind of shape to publicize :)

  2. Good, because currently all the ad blocking extensions for Chrome are pretty awful. They all seem to find the adverts after the page has loaded and then render them. It would be good to be able to block these things before the browser even considers downloading them :) Very promising, but as the previous commenter said, the announcement was rather premature as these seem to be stub UI elements.

  3. I meant to say "hide them" not "render them".

  4. I'm just glad these settings are starting to show up.

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  6. Besides content filtering, An AutoFill feature that works like the one in Google Toolbar should be available soon.

  7. Cookie Lee: Check out the LastPass extension available for Chrome already.

    Also there's nothing wrong with reporting upcoming features in Chromium on this blog; this is not an official Google announcement blog after all (as should be apparent from the blog's title). Rather, this blog reports on interesting 'bleeding-edge' developments at Google that may be of interest to Google-watchers like myself.

  8. Google chrome is a good browser, But sometimes I get interesting errors?But I can see, in a few years google earth will become most using browser in world.Because it's have too many security options ;)

  9. This isn't Content filtering, It's content hiding. It doesn't prevent the content from downloading, it just moves it to an unseen dataspace.


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