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January 26, 2010

Offline Installer for Google Earth

Downloading Google Earth is more complicated than it should be. At least if you want to download only Google Earth and save the installer for a future use. By default, Google downloads a small setup file that installs Google Earth, Google Chrome and Google Updater. Even if you disable the option "Include Google Chrome, a fast new browser for Windows and Mac", you'll still download a Web installer.

Here's how to download the standalone installer for Google Earth:

1. Go to Google Earth's homepage and click on "Download Google Earth".

2. At the bottom of the page, there's a small message: "Customize your installation with advanced setup." Click on "advanced setup".

3. Disable this option: "Allow Google Earth to automatically install recommended updates."

4. Click on "Agree and download" and you'll get the offline installer. The direct download link for the Windows version is:

The advanced setup page offers two other interesting options: installing Google Earth for all user accounts and the full setup for Google Earth 5.0.

Google Chrome should add a similar page that lets you download the standalone installer and a version that installs the software for all user accounts. This page still offers the standalone setup, but it's an old version. Right now, Google Pack is the only option to install Chrome for multiple user accounts.

{ Thanks, Brian. }


  1. Alex, is still the public, supported way of getting a standalone installer for Google Chrome. It's not so old and out-of-date as you make it sound; Chrome 3.0 was the official stable release until yesterday. We're in the process of getting that URL updated as well.

  2. Too bad this doesn't let you download installers for other platforms. Being able to grab the latest for Linux & Mac while on a Windows box would certainly streamline things for me.

  3. Google Earth program is a revolution I think.
    in 90's, we watch same technology at Hollywood films.
    CIA, FBI was using systems like this in that films. But after google this isn't a dream for us, we can use same system in our homes,
    Please think last ten years, I can't dream of next ten years.
    We love google, we love google earth.

  4. I've never been able to install Google Earth properly. If I attempt to install it, it'll crash and restart my computer. I don't think it's a virus since it only happens with Google Earth. Does it have a web only option?

    1. Try Google maps. But it require fast internet connection all the time. About your troubles installing program, it could be a problem with graphics, OpenGL or another drivers. If i was you, I'd start from searching newest drivers for my video card

  5. It was always a problem for me to install the google earth again whenever i use to renew my windows or refresh system from the old stuff, but now i got the solution :-) thanks


  7. Alternative direct link

  8. Great! Now I can have the wonderful Google Earth without the Google botnet.

  9. Thanks for the offline install, the offline installer are the easiest way to install and share.


  10. Thanks for giving way of offline installer

  11. wow thanks a lot! trick actually worked; got the standalone installer link:)

  12. do you have to have a internet connection to use google earth? or can i use it offline

  13. Thank you budy, got working


  15. Thanks! It worked, and was quite helpful

  16. Thanks a lot Brian...

  17. nice, that was real easy. thanks

  18. Hi,

    Thank you, this is still valid for v6.2

    I had a Firewall rule made some time ago to block GoogleUpdate.exe over my network and GoogleEarth was not able to install with default configuration because of that. You're tips allowed me to install GoogleEarth without allowing GoogleUpdate.exe to communicate.

    a+, =)

    Configuration :
    Google Earth v6.2
    Waterfox v11.0

  19. Where can I download everything that google earth uses so that it is avalible ofline?

  20. Sounds like just what I need for installing on multiple computers with limited bandwidth - here's hoping it still works.

  21. Search is over now !Thanks

  22. Thanks for posting Google earth 5.0, but its too old here is latest version of Google earth 7.0 Free Download Google Earth 7.0 Offline Installer


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