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April 23, 2010

Two Beautiful Ads for Google Chrome

Even if you don't like Google Chrome, you have to admit that the ads promoting Google's browser are well-crafted. Take, for example, this ad for Google Chrome extensions, which promotes a modern technology using old-fashioned cinematic tricks.

"In keeping with the rustic feel of the ad, the music used is Fats Waller's (Do You Intend to Put an End to) A Sweet Beginning? To keep the explanation simple, ad agency BBH New York has used rudimentary mechanical images, such as a bird popping out of a cuckoo clock and tweeting in the corner of a computer screen and a hamster running in a wheel to drag actual bookmarks between two computers," reports The Guardian.

A second ad promotes the built-in translation feature launched in Google Chrome 4.1. "Both [films] are un-tech-like product demos, showing the work and genius going on behind creating something that is essentially very simple to use," explained Pelle Sjoenell, the executive creative director at BBH.

{ Thanks, Fran├žois. }


  1. How do you enable a feature to darken all but the video you're watching? I haven't seen that one.

  2. Very cool......waiting on Chrome OS! Show me more!

  3. @Drudo The extension is called "Turn Off The Lights" and you can find it here

  4. I'm glad to see Intel Man and Intel Guys got jobs after the Pentium commercials. I'm just kidding of course, but people in white did remind me of the old Intel adverts.

    They are cute commercials. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. That was pretty wicked, happy to see a Panasonic camera :) we use the same ones in studio at SCSU; shot in p2!

  6. Those Ads, especially the second one, were really creepy. I don't want to see people dressed in white, painted white, messing around.

    Just show me translation and what I can do with it in real situations, as I would use it. I don't need an overarching metaphor; iPhone ads are brilliant at this.


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