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December 23, 2006

Google Wishlist for 2007

Google did a lot of great things in 2006. Think about it: in December 2005, we didn't have Google Calendar, Google Docs & Spreadsheets, chat in Gmail, Google Notebook, Google Trends, Google Earth for Mac and Linux, Google Checkout.

What would I like to see from Google in 2007?

- A better Gmail that lets you preview messages, search and manage attachments.

- A real Google Address Book with shared profiles that works in all Google services and it's easier to manage than the current Gmail Contacts.

- A way to search the content created using Google services (Gmail messages, calendars, Blogger posts, comments, Google Notebook, Google Groups).

- A central place for all the files uploaded to Google.

- Video conferences, call to phone numbers, spell-checker, interoperability with Skype, AIM, plugins in Google Talk.

- A more interactive Google News.

- A personalized feed reader that filters the news, finds related perspectives and creates your own news site.

- Bring Google Desktop to the desktop by integrating it into a file manager. You know, like Total Commander.

- Bring time to web search, archive content and let me search the web the way it was on a certain date.

- Google Recommendations: extend this gadget to a new service.

Plus something that's really hard (who wouldn't want that?):

- Bring meaning to search: find structured content, use tagging, annotations, object recognition to improve text search, image search, video search.

What would you like from Google? In case you're wondering, someone from Google will read your wishlists.


  1. Google Calendar and Outlook sync. In an easy way....

  2. Shared total space for all Google services. (For me as of now 2GB gmail is too much and 250MB Picasa web albums is too less, why not combine those quotas?)

  3. Using your own domain at blogger.

  4. New Gmail messages to you mobile.(atleast the subject: and from: fields with part of the email).

    Cross platform apps, picasa, gtalk...

    Hello features on gtalk.

  5. the same as you.

    plus, may be, a web centralized auth-form/password/account/login management system.

  6. 1. Ability to tag/label files in Google Desktop - let me do away with a hierarchical file system once and for all. (is this along the lines of what you mentioned about Google Desktop?)

    2. Search history for Google Scholar.

    3. A vi-like text editing interface in Docs & Spreadsheets. Keyboard shortcuts in Gmail and Reader already seem to be based on vi shortcuts, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch to ask for something like this.

    While I'm at it, allow me to say how much I have enjoyed reading your blog this year. I'm not sure when I discovered it, but it has been very informative, often even moreso than the official Google blogs. Have a happy holiday season, and please keep up the great work in the new year!

  7. Sorry for the double post - I forgot these:

    4. Ability to subscribe to password-protected feeds in Google Reader (actually the only thing preventing me from using it as my only feed reader - as it is, I use Opera to view such feeds and Reader for everything else).

    5. Ability to search feeds in Google Reader. It's still strange to see a service from Google that doesn't offer a real search feature (I know you can search FOR feeds, but I can do that myself).

  8. 1) Google References: A Google brand of Dictionary, Thesaurus, Encyclopedia, Almanac, Atlas, etc. (Perhaps adding the almanac and atlas to Google maps and earth).

    2) Greatly improve Orkut or purchase other social sites and collaborate them all. I want Google to have it's own "Community" in a way. *cough cough* purchase Myspace *cough cough*

    3) Google to break into the Music scene in some way.

    4) Google Talk to become a full-fledged IM client capable of collaborating with all the other IM Clients to keep all your friends in one place.

    5) A Google Anti-virus/Spyware/Adware/etc. program integrated with Google Desktop.

    6) At least a HINT of a browser and OS (though I'd hate to give up Firefox, it's been so good to me. Does Google want to purchase Firefox? Does it? Pretty Please :) )

    7) More on Google Checkout (perhaps the creation of an Ebay-like site to promote Google Checkout? Or maybe just an addition to Orkut where people can buy and sell things from other Orkut members using Google Checkout.)

    8) Many more additions to Google Documents. I want it to be favorable in every way. I want to be able to use it for anything that I'd want to use it for. I want to stop using MS Word or OpenOffice.

    9) Much better integration of all the Google products into 1 uniform, easy to use and navigate product.

    Yeah, that's all I can think of right now. Perhaps I'll come back with more later. That is what my Google Wishlist consists of.

  9. I would like to see gmail emulate google reader in terms of reading mails.. I mean the clicking the mail can open it up just like it does in google reader..probably only for those mails where only one mail is new..

  10. an orkut redesign! Who came up with that hideous colour scheme and those pathetic-looking buttons? And the silly bevel effect added to all photos looks ridiculous!

  11. save the Google search Preferences to your google account

    have google reader in gmail

    a blogger/flickr like tag/label input field on all emails in gmail so its easy to tag things

    a better bookmark saving system

    remove/demote all buying/stores/sales/ebay anything to do with buying from google search and have real infomation most days it seems like google a mall of shopping infomation and wikiepdia gets better results

    replace bloggers blog editer with the the google write one it's much better

    have a total space over all google products

    save google earth location to google maps

    maybe google update aswell so i can keep all my google products upto date

  12. An updated Google Calendar that includes a real recurring events To Do list.

  13. Maybe

    a Google Hosting for my websites

    Checkout for other countries, why does it take that long ?

    Integration of Google Base with Google Desktop

    Cheap or free Online storage

    A better personalizing of Google News

    I also really enjoyed your website, thank you very much for the good work !

  14. - desktop for linux
    - ota sync (mail & calendar) with mobile phone (using syncml)
    - search in reader
    - reader, groups, docs, news, bookmarks & notebook in gafyd
    - support for opera on all services
    - mobile app support for gafyd
    - imap in gmail
    - a presentation app for docs
    - more free space in picasaweb
    - really private albums in picasaweb
    - filestorage including a backup solution for windows, linux & mac
    - blogger in gafyd
    - personalized startpage for gafyd, not the sorry excuse that's available now
    - a wiki service (jotspot...)
    - a much better news service with more personalization
    - let the user choose between & the localized google - I really don't want to use & localized versions of the services so pretty please with sugar on top stop redirecting me there...!
    - and no evil... ;)

  15. - Contacts management & synchro via SyncML

    - Google Money ;) to manage my bank accounts with Google easy way

  16. I would like that if google makes a Linux team to research things and create others, then that things could be added to all de Linux distros who want to.

    GTalk, Google Desktop and more soft for Linux.

  17. Google Talk on your Google Personalised Homepage

    Better aerial/satellite photos for Google Earth

  18. Google Calendar and Mail sync with Outlook and mobile.

    Follow-up feature in Gmail with a specific date (similar to Outlook) to be used along side of "starred" items.

  19. - Combined list of tags/labels across Google services
    - 2-way easy sync between Google Calendar & Outlook/Exchange/Symbian
    - Decent free space for PicasaWeb
    - Google online storage
    - Decent Google Maps for Singapore & Malaysia
    - More options in addition to mere "starring" of items, e.g. reminder, annotation, etc.
    - More and better "mobile" versions of Google services

  20. 1. Reminders/tasks in gmail. Maybe buy rememberthemilk ???

    2. Date constrained searches ... good idea - now that would be useful

    3. Option for a single a/c to net adsense/adwords balances.

    4. A google address book - not the current gmail offering.

    5. A feature in picasa to just deal with red eye. Doing it manually is just one total pain.

    6. A google phone with contacts and messages/mail accessed from both phone and pc.

    7. Maybe google webhosting service.

    8. Continuing improvements to webmaster centre

    Thanks to googlesystem for your efforts in 2006 !

  21. Incorporate option to include multiple IM platforms into google talk, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, all that junk

  22. Oh, and a "To DO list" on Google Calendar

  23. A way to post blogger to google pages, or just more general freedom in pages.

    Some form of community page. Yeah like Myspace.

    Combined storage would be nice as well.

    The ability to number recurring eventsin calendar, like birthdays. So it can be so and so's nth birthday.

    Have Gmail not take my picture from iChat when I use Google Talk. iChat's picts are really low res so it looks crap in Gmail.

  24. Everything mentioned in this article of course, but also to be able to turn notifications on or off for each event in Google Calendar

  25. Google finance in italian!

  26. A decent Address Book and synchronization between the address book and the calendar with mobile devices and other e-mail/calendaring programs (not only outlook, but evolution, thunderbird, kontact, etc.).

    Reminders for other calendars, not just the "primary" one.

    Offer the choice of adding the person you're writing the mail to to the address book (now it's added automatically and it's really annoying).

    To-Do lists (with synchronization) in the Calendar.

    The ability to resize pictures in Picasa (if it's there, it's damn well hidden).

    GDrive with combined space for everything, mail, notebook, calendar, picasa, docs, etc.

    Search in Google Reader. Damn annoying and ironic too, given the fact that it's the _Google_ Reader.

    Generally, more integration between the existing services.

    Add encryption based on gpg to GMail and to Google Docs. I would really like to start using this service, but, somehow, I still have my doubts putting my personal data unencrypted on the net (I am keeping this data anyway encrypted on the disk, so for me it makes sense to have such a thing).

    Add an offline mode to Docs and Spreadsheets.

    OT: Thanks for the great blog. It's one of my favorites read and the first I click on in the Google Reader :-). A Happy New Year to everybody!

  27. I don't know if anyone at google actually reads this site but if so there are a lot of good ideas for that famous 20% time in the comments above. Here are some of my thoughts.

    All of the new Blogger features should be available to users posting via ftp. Namely the ability to use the wysiwyg template editor.

    An improved GoogleCalendar widget for the Google Homepage. Something that actually shows enough to be useful.

    Hierarchical task lists in GoogleCalendar.

    Project management tools.

    Google Reader subscriptions automatically go into the webclips in gmail.

    The ability to set default formatting options for gmail messages (i.e. font, size, etc.).

    Search within gmail attachments.

  28. A repository of old datasheets / literature

    Many times we have old hardware or any other stuff which is no longer supported by the manufacturer. Hence the datasheets are no longer available with the manufacturer/website. Google can have a repository of such obsolete datasheets. This could be datasheets and specification for various chips/hardware boards etc. etc...

  29. Shared tags

    It's a good ideia to provide shared tags, so we cold use the same tags in gmail, google reader, docs & spreadsheets.
    I have used google reader and gmail daily and I would like to use the same tags in these services it would make the web life easier than it already is.

  30. Open Email in tabs. I need multiple Email open.

  31. IMAP support for Gmail!!

  32. -Search enabled communities.. The topics discussed should be searchable

  33. * To-do or task list for Calendar/Gmail
    * GDrive, or even a total shared storage space for all Google services
    * Fields for the address book in GMail. It really hacks me off when I import my addess book into CSV and the address field is one line because I didn't put commas after street, town, postcode
    * Off line GMail and Calendar..for Linux, not just windows
    * Faster GMail, opening, creating mails etc

  34. Labelling of contacts in Gmail, and then viewing all mail from those contacts together (like friend's letters, work letters).

    High quality satelligte images of St. Petersburg (russia). Now only the suthern part is visible... :-(

  35. Would love to see a Multiple Gmail Notifier just as a Gmail Mail Notofier S/W !

  36. SyncML support for Google Calendar so that i could synchronize my events with my Nokia N80 phone as well as desktop calendar software.

  37. As others have said, I'd love to see some nice additions to GTalk. So much potential.

  38. How about the ability to open (in Docs & Spreadsheets) a Doc or Spreadsheet that is sent to you as an attachment to your gmail account. I don't have office on my comp, but would like to click on my attachments and open them in Docs&SS. The soluction now is to save on the comp, then open another browser window, load the file into Docs&SS ... lotsa clicks

  39. I also like the idea of a link between attachments and Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

    I would like the ability to click on columns in gmail and have them sort (by Date, By Sender, By Subject).

    In gmail, the ability to list more items on a page ... love gmail, not a fan of the (newer, newest, older, oldest) navigation.

  40. Google Spreadsheets continues to get better and better. However one feature that I would like to see is the availability of linking files (a.k.a.workbooks)within your folder.

    Currently you cannot have one master file that, if linked, would have the ability to update the other files. The only linking available currently is between sheets of the same file. I had thought that perhaps by "publishing" the file and thereby getting the URL for the file I could place a link in the cells to the URL for the purpose of updating my other files, but alas this did not work either.

    Also one other request would be to have the syncing ability such as what Edit Grid now has. This is a great feature for timed executions for updates to the files on your own computer with the ones located on their server.

    Thanks for listening and keep up the great work.

  41. I wish google allowed php and better hosting services in googlepages. however google rocks.

  42. Many searches that I made on Google years ago has gone forever. I miss those things I found. I wish there was a way to go back.

  43. -for bookmarks and gmail: allow users to easily choose more than one label (checkboxes?) to find messages/bookmarks.
    -I've been wanting the Google Desktop idea (of labeling files on your computer) since I got gmail.
    -Better integration with Firefox - better toolbars (the ones for Bookmarks don't exploit Google's difference between labeling and folders), notifications, etc
    -I like the more "customized" news reader idea - customize it to a particular person's interests & area, and customize the look (or make it look better for everyone - it's horrible!)
    -more integration between all Google products, or allow for it. ex: the person who wants gmail to look like google reader can put gmail in their google reader? the links people suggested between google docs and attachments? You have google-made gadgets for the desktop that should/could integrate with gmail, reader, etc. (To-Do list, Scratch Pad) and have the personalized home be able to show all of these and all other google products you use (in a better way than the stupid column format, more like's portal page) that you use.

  44. Nice and simple really:

    1) To-do list, preferably in calendar, especially if the following can be accomplished;
    2) Offline calendar which syncs with website version. Kinda like Mozilla Sunbird, but it would mean you wouldn't lose all your data if your computer dies suddenly (believe me, it's annoying!) as all the info would still be on the site!

    Happy new year, and awesome work Google, big fan of your work! :-)

  45. I'd like to see Hello ported to Linux. I am a photographer and an avid Linux user. I have gotten Hello to work with Wine, but it is buggy. It doesn't seem like it would be hard to port to Linux and Mac, but I might be over looking something.

  46. HOw about finally the GoOP? Google Operating System? Yeah!!!!!!!!!! MMM also an email desktop client, like Thunderbird, but with Gmail on the corner.

  47. I need many Google Talk Themes Please

  48. Don't need many of those things. Search site, not a portal....

  49. A very useful application for anyone who is a knowledge worker would be a journal that
    would log the start and stop times of any application and especially the time a file is
    open and active. It would help immensely building the record of activity for client billing.

    Outlook has a feature like this but it only works with certain applications and has other limitations. Think of all the people that have to put together a billing record or who want
    to know where their time REALLY goes when working at the computer.

  50. I normally use Google for searching so I would recommend improving search logics like adding OR. Yeah it needs it. I'd love it.

  51. How about a desktop wall paper that allows you to use your computer as four separate "multi-function displays," allowing you to watch let's say CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and ESPN on four separate "windows" built into your desktop wallpaper. Then other commands will allow you to bring up news articles or stock reports or even weather information on each of those screens. For those of you who fly planes with Multi-Function Displays, you can understand the functionality of those devices. Now of course, to watch four separate video clips at once will require a high-end system though.

  52. Okay this is continued from the above comment:

    Now what would be even cooler is if we could use voice recognition systems on the computer to control those multi-function displays so we can use other programs like gmail and Google-Earth simultaneously, without the need to take our mouse-pointers away from our jobs. Now if Google Earth can also be integrated into Multi-Function Displays (MFDs), that will be very convenient. Then you can find vacation routes through traffic by simply saying the address of your desired destination into the voice recognition system and the Google-Earth on the MFD will automatically map out the route for you, adding a vehicle navigation system right onto your desktop wallpaper. E-mail me at if you have any comments.

  53. GTalk for mac PLEASE!

  54. Google is not improving the SEARCH_TOOL for years!

    1. Allow logical expression with nested parathesis like (((fast OR speed) AND NOT light) OR something-else)
    2. Allow REAL search within results. Make sure that adding a keyword to a previous search NEVER returns MORE results
    3. Allow search by tags!!!! i.e. terms that may not appear on page but nonetheless are relevant. Example tag=software for searches or docs about MS_access. On page the term would be "access" and searches may return pages refering to other meanings of access
    3a. allow screening results by suggested tags, optionally selecting several of the offered tags.
    4. REALY index page by ACTUAL change, to allow search of recent pages. Use algorithm to reject faked-updates
    5. Allow proximity NEAR and WITHIN5
    6. Allow phonetic spelling soundslike:exallead and approximate spelling e.g. spellslike:fony >phony
    7. Allow searching of filetype:htm* ONLY (htm, html)
    8. maybe take into account the number of user clicks on google search results as part of the page-ranking
    Exalead is blowing on your neck Google...

  55. I would enjoy seeing Google do a lot more to support Linux. The summer of code did a lot for aspiring linux developers but I would prefer to see some on going support for what is probably the greatest operating system available.

    More Web 2.0 from google would be nice (Yes, google, I know you own like 9000 web 2.0 companies, but frankly your name isn't anywhere on most of them...)

    Google has a lot of room to get unique with web 2.0 offerings in 2007, and I'd like to see some services pop up to help me and everyone else out who enjoys social networking etc.

  56. I'm thinking that most computers these days have screens that can display 1024x768 at least, and most browsers are capable to line wrapping. Why is there a forced line break in the search results? It's crazy that with a 1920x1200 resolution screen, I have to scroll to see 10 search results because the text is all jammed into the left side of the screen.

  57. A more streamlined interface.... Maybe a new logo! I just hate the Google logo the way it is now.

  58. - GTalk access within Docs & Spreadsheets
    - Online Web-based Relational database
    - GTalk with the ability to call an actual Phone #

  59. - customize my own html on my google pages
    - delete gmail messages directly from the gmail notifier similar to outlook, even mark as read when the notifier is clicked on
    -gtalk to other numbers and follow me from phone to phone, so if i want i can log out of gtalk and forward my gtalk calls to my cell phone, then if after x rings, call phone #2 and so on then leave a voicemail which i can check as a wav file in gmail later, view missed calls,etc
    - allow me to login in to gtalk from my browser rather than in gmail, similar to the gmail addon for firefox
    - google coupons sent to my cell phone from ads i visit online if i choose
    - google maps sent to me on my phone, turn by turn etc

    thanks :)

  60. gtalk for mac with voice supported.. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez...

  61. - SyncML sync for:
    * Contacts (new, not current Gmail)
    * Gmail
    * Calendar

    - Make Gmail-Java app for mobile phones work with gafyd
    - Java app for Google calendar
    (Or at least better mobile-browser support like Gmail)
    - Notes and ToDo in calendar
    - Better gafyd custom startpage

    More google-services in gafyd
    * Groups
    * Docs
    * Contacts
    * PicasaWeb

    - G-drive
    - GPS support in google maps for mobile phones (and turn by turn)
    - "File storage for your domain"

    Mobile support for:
    (mobile support for Reader and Gmail rocks!)

  62. I want Google's apps to say in one window instead of opening a new one. That drives me nuts (although it's a short drive).

  63. I did not read all of the previous posts due to lack of time, but I would really like google to ramp up and integrate orkut with everything else google offers so we can ditch myspace once and for all!

    Other then that, as mentioned, a better contact address book is needed. This is my primary address book these days, and using gmail to find a phone number or address sucks.

  64. I would love a redesign of the Google homepage. There is always room for improvement.

  65. wish : a complete "Google-contact" application + Remember-th-milk like GTD

  66. The ability to nest labels within labels, so I can sort my email in a heirarchical system. This would be really useful.

  67. I "really, really" want to see Google embrace a Linux kernel and call it it's own Google OS so I can dump Windows and have a real, simple OS that "just works"!

    Help the planet get away from Microsoft.... please Mr Google!!

  68. -start the integrated jotspot soon
    -buy gliffy :)
    -buy gantt project :)

  69. The Linux-based Google OS with Firefox as its default browser and GMail as its default mail client would be the perfect gift GOOG could give the world in 2007. We could consider it the "Vista-slayer" that we've all been waiting for, and in 2007 the timing would be so elegant. This home & home office & SMB GOOG OS should be configured to be idiot-proof for Windows users to feel comfortable with - as long as the user is running XP SP2, the GOOG OS would be on a disk provided by GOOG with clear written instructions on how to load it onto a XP disk partition and / or how to disk-boot it. This OS would be "stripped" and clean with "options" to install all other GOOG and related programs. Personally, I'd love to see OOe as one of the options because so many people are already using it and quite happy with it, as the de facto MSFT Office suite alternative. I know GOOG is working nicely on their own Office app's but they're not nearly ready with a complete suite; til that time, best not to reinvent the wheel and stick with OOe.

  70. imap in gmail is quite needed; evolution/outlook/symbian sync with google calendar would be really good; google desktop for linux would be nice too.

  71. A google task list that integrates with calendar.

    Syncing with google calendar with Ical and mobile devices.

  72. All the above and more! I would like Google to be so good that it becomes the site that everybody goes to.

    Look at Yahoo. They have done so much that you can learn from them. Just try a little harder, and things will go your way and our way.

    One important thing to note, is that Google should start paying more attention to style and design. It will be great if I can move things around with the online apps like I do on my desktop. Dragging my emails from one place to another?

  73. 1, google calendar and address book..which can be used off-line and sync with mobile =) I think the currently MS address book is neither intuitive nor user-friendly.

    2, google online storage space, which can be shared with other collaborated users.

    3, improved version of gtalk. at least close to the functionalities of msn. Personally, I don't like msn that much.

    4, google office suite can be used off-line. =)

  74. gLinux or GOO

    1. linux-like shell
    2. mac_os_x interface
    3. windows games compatible
    4. ofcourse! it should be FAST

    i know, thats a lot

  75. Please allow blogger users to track their feed subscribers!!!! This is a feature that is criminal not to have. Or at least make it possible to reroute all my feed users to a better reed service like feedburner. And allow blogger users to host at their own domain+a sub directory. I want my blog at not - sure i can create my own redirect to send people from /blog to blogspot- but I want my current visitors to be redirected to /blog when they visit not the other way around

    also, MORE SPACE ON GMAIL! and a way to find out which emails are the largest and need to be deleted.

  76. Task management / todos in google app pack with customizable homepage & calendar & mail integration. This ought to be simple and I just hate using the crappy Remember the Milk when google could do it so much better

  77. I want an Operating System from Google that should kick off Windows. and i request Google to start web hosting with all the the dynamic facilities like a regular web server. And please i want a Google Web Design Software to develop sites that should look like google design. Please Please Pleas Google. I LOVE GOOGLE

  78. What I wat is simple...
    cross-browser support for all online applications, like docs and so forth. Mind Opera, Safari and Konqueror ! Firebloat sucks on a shinny mac.

  79. Of all the ones I've seen here, my top list would be a real contact list.
    Opening docs in gmail; maybe I dreamt this, but I thought gmail offered to do this a few days ago for me?

    On the Personalized homepage, gadgets that can span across two columns so that gadgets that could use the space have the option.

  80. I agree. A contact list to rival or exceed that in microsoft outlook.

  81. I wished everything worked well in Konqueror.

  82. Google, some company, ANY company, PLEASE make an online bank account register! Lets say I go on vacation, I use my bank card about a hundred times, I do not want to go to my laptop every night and enter everything. Make it so I can access it from my cell phone, to update in case I do not have pockets for receipts.

    Thank you,

  83. It's easy - Goobuntu linux PC sold through Walmart online, and worldwide. Pre-installed and configured. Just the necessary bits like KB, CPU, browser and designed for online use.

  84. here's my list:

    - i still prefer to have folders to put mail in and be able to make rules for incomiing mail

    - integrated tasks, actually, there are just a few small things missing to make gmail a outlook/exchange killer and i really hope these features will added.

    - custimizable gui for gmail, preferably with conf files so people can make themes and share them.

    - be able to use more google services on my pda like docs and spreadsheets.

    - and my last request is just keep up the good work :D

  85. Accounting SaaS! (Software as a Service) Please! I can't do QuickBooks anymore!

    (While at it, integrate basic CRM into Google Enterprise)

  86. Central space for files - shared by picasa web and google apps for domains. This space should be upgradeable just like the current picasa web accounts allow. Easy integration of picasa web albums into google apps for domains, using a single account.

    IMAP support for google apps for domains.

    More IMAP.

  87. Gdrive would be nice. But something simpler would be YouTube and/or Google Video to randomly and continuously play music videos. But only the ones I want. It would be like the olden days of MTV and VH1 when they actually played music videos. Google can also throw an ad in there too if they want. But again, only the good ads. By now I'm sure Google knows what I like and don't like.

  88. I'd like to be able to add a contact link from appointments in calendar. With this, I'd hope to be able to go to my contacts in Gmail and be able to see my appointments with this contact as well as my emails.

  89. A high quality 'bookmarks gadget' for my Google home page. I'm still tethered to Yahoo bookmarks, which means I still need the Yahoo toolbar. Everything else I need, I can get from Google.

  90. Hello

    Please, build a linux port of Google Sketchup. And a real Picasa on Mac OSX !
    Thanks for all these great pieces of software, and all webservices.

  91. RSS feed that tell me how my site ranks on google

  92. Release GAPMINDER so it can be used on other , user loaded datasets.

  93. more app intergration (blogger + google pages, youtube + google video, etc...)

    and google games (kinda like X-Box Live arcade or Yahoo Games but free and an api for home developers)

    and mabye to buy out Wikipedia (hopefully making it better in the process)

  94. My wishes:
    1. Better support for konqueror (gmail, calendar, office). Firefox in Linux chokes my desktop too much. I hope after Konqueror released for win32, its market share will increase significantly and Google will have a reason to support Konqueror :D

    2. Synchronization for Google calendar (w/ Outlook, Evolution, Thunderbird or Kontact or any others ;)

  95. Please more security, and privacy options, add the option to see when you last logged into your email, and from where. my bank does this. so i know if someone stole or hacked my password and is in my gmail.

    and now that yahoo gives its users unlimited Gigabytes starting in may will goggle follow, or jump the gun?

  96. The ability to change the background color of Google homepage.

  97. I would DIE for an GOOGLE based fix to Gcal to Outlook & visa versa! 2 way sync ability.

  98. How about google maps that work in Mexico?? that would be really nice.

  99. A Google OS to compete with M/S, Linux.

  100. the ability to search Gmail, Contacts and Calendar all at the same time. If hunting for a telephone number for instance, but unsure where it is stored, this "my data" search would save time.

  101. A video editing tool.
    A program that makes it easy to edit .3pg files from a mobile to .avi would be very helpful. Plus; integrate it with Picasa and YouTube!

  102. a locked (private folder) in gmail. i would like messages from certain contacts to be private. this way if i want to show someone something in my email messages i dont want them to see will not show up in my inbox.

  103. Google Wimax Broadband ISP

    Google WebHost

    Google VOIP

    Google Cellular

  104. An add on for MS word/desktop where I can right click on a word or select a word and search for it in Google.

  105. i would love the idea of google having a IM for linux. i am a linux user and a gtalk for linux would be great.

  106. To have the possibility to edit with link(s) and a little image or avatar, the signature in Gmail.

  107. Send page with Google Toolbar

    This feature is very cool. But the result in the Gmail, is completely different from the original page. It appears unformatted.

    It will be nice to send a web page with the same look of the original. Isn't it?

  108. Edit an e-mail in Gmail just like a blog

    I think it was a good improve to Gmail, to have the possibility to wright a creative mail. To make an e-mail just look like a blog or a web page.

    This could be made in to different ways:

    - with a ready made layouts that the user could choose and improve with several other features, or not;
    - the user could create yours. Compose and manipulate the objects in a grid (wysiwyg), background colors...

  109. how about the ability to send and receive music files in gmail

  110. An avatar for Google talk - that you can make dance, frown, smile, etc.
    Perhaps imported from an RPG

  111. Some of the features asked are already being deployed... Google guys aren't sleeping! So I will just reinforce what I need:

    1. somekind of plaxo/linkedin/syncml feature so I can easily sync my contacts and its details with my mobile phone contact list;

    2. unified tag/label feature for Gmail/Picasa/GReader and so on. Also with a multiple tag filter engine.
    Am I asking too much?

  112. I would like to be able to sync gmail , google calendar, contacts with my blackberry the same I can sync Outlook Calendar and contacts with my blackberry despite not having a data plan. I would also like to be able to sync directions from Google Maps so I can carry them with me despite not having internet access on the phone.

    I also want to be able Google Talk to be able to send messages to my Aim contacts.

    A family friendly internet filter for my pc would be great as well, perhaps an optional part of Google Desktop.

  113. 1. Why not make Google Talk handle group chat? Shouldn't all IMs be group chat by default. Why not structure so that by default it is group chat with just 2 participants? I never have understood why IMs don't do this better. Would make enterprise chat solutions better for chat meetings on line. Instead of the plugin crap you have to install now. And encrypted for that matter.

    2. Also better graphics on the sidebar, transparent gadgets so forth. Still way behind desktop sidebar on that.

    3. Make searching gmail easier behind firewalls. Why do you have to have port 995 open for email but not chat?

  114. --Ability to re-download certain individual email messages to desktop from Gmail

    --Google buys Logmein or just Hamachi. That would probably mess up their whole strategy, but it would be cool.

    --Ability to add descriptive search tags to emails.(I have the problem of emails with all the same content except for a change in a single displayed link). and be able to tag everything!

    --Better Label management. I don't wanna see a huge list of labels off to the side.

    --Give me a five dollar discount on stuff purchased with checkout. I'm sure you can afford it!

    --Contact app w/ connect me button.

    --Stop buying/starting things and forgetting about them: Orkut,Dodgeball...

  115. Possibility to configure jabber transports from the webpage instead of having to do it from the "proper" jabber client (like PSI). That would ease the migration from other messaging networks sooooo much.

  116. Google OS? That would be cool.. but based on Ubuntu? Ewww. *Nix have to many issues - damn hardware vendors keeping their code closed sourced. Though, Google probably could get hardware vendors lined up.

  117. I want google to make their own Wikipedia. But not let users edit it. it would be a greeat place for students to get help with homework! They can attach related picasa photos, google videos, and more!

  118. Google earth. More high quality imagery especially in the north. Ability to label roads and rivers so it works like Google's method.

  119. I would love to see Google Budgets; that took Google's tried & true simplistic approach to web applications and tied it with a simple way to do household budgets. It could be tied to online banking accounts, retirement planning, car notes, mortgages, etc. The possibilities are endless and it would be a great feather in Google's cap.

  120. Bring Back Google Deskbar without all the whistles and bells of Google Desktop.
    Google Deskbar sits in the task bar allowing quick web searches or direct URL entry.
    It's small, neat and handy and is still my most used tool on my computer.

  121. Hopefully this is an easy request. I have a Google account for myself, and one for the family. It would be great if I could use one master login and open up the Google page with tabs for each account.

  122. A Linux desktop operating system that is reliable!

  123. Google Calendar with Tasks (To Do list) & real recurring events.

  124. Better support for opensource Linux browsers in Google Online Apps (Docs&Spreadsheets, Gmail, etc)

    Firefox just eats my CPU on Docs&Spreadsheets, Konqueror do not supported at all.

  125. ... A Google laptop... simple, secure, and with just enough memory and power to email and surf the Web...

  126. Here's another vote for lists and notes features within Google Calendar. I'd love to have a large calendar pane at the top and several small lists or notes windows beneath.

    I would also like the ability to set calendar reminders via Quick Add, e.g.:

    Mom's birthday 6/5 repeat yearly remind email 1 week

    Thanks for the feedback opportunity!

  127. Project management tools, along the lines of microsoft project.

  128. the one thing everyone needs is a freaking operating system from google on 2007.
    windows is too stupid and linux, well it's becoming user friendly, but still needs a long way to go.

    may be google can do a user friendly linux based operating system

  129. Google WiFi experiment in Toccoa, GA. :)

  130. All I want is a way to attach more than 1 attachement at a time. Seems an easy thing to do.

  131. remove the file size limit in docs and spreadsheets

  132. i would like to be able to have a Google file storage that loads faster than e-mailing the file to myself.

  133. well iunno if someelse has already said this, but i dont feel like reading 142 comments. but yes interoperability with Skype will never happen , skype might as well be yahoo, unless skype and gogole can get some kinda deal, ive seen gtalk as the new skype, its basically skype, and free.

    its to bad google is partners with aol now, "gogle owes 5% of aol" but i guess its better than micorosoft getting interoperability with AIM than msn, but still, its yahoo and msn vs. oogle and AIM.....its like being up agasint 2 pros, and being stuck with the kid in the wheel chair.....AOL is just really one should use it.....AIm i guess is ok, but still

    and i did read one comment about losing firefox, personaly since firefox and google are pretty much friends, Google might just use firefox as their default browser....or atleast they'll googlefy firefox and just use that.

  134. I want group for contacts in Google Talk and button for transports like PSI. :-)

  135. I´d really like google to stop filtering my search results. I always get the results in spanish first, and that is because it is checking what language my PC is in. Please stop that unless in my search preferences I choose google to do that specifically.

  136. We need: Google MUSIC! (like Yahoo maybe? Custom Radio station, etc)

    Also, buy a Linux distro & make it availabe to users for download -even for a small fee -beat Microsoft at their own game with a better mousetrap!

    We need a Windows alternative...

  137. i want google to video all of harvard law schools 3 years..I want google to offer a free cell fon to call via gtalk others with wifi or online.I want google to fwd all my emailto mr cell which would be online with gtalk. Finally i want google to predict the winner of the elections for us president using google analytics.....

  138. I would like to see and be able to buy a google operating system.

  139. 1) Being able to sinchronize contacts and other things on iGoogle and Gmail with iSync on Mac OS X
    2) Synchronization combatibility with Microsoft Office and iWork (from Apple, Inc.) to the Docs & Spreadsheets service on Google.
    3) An more secure and totaly more custamizable ("pimp" out) options and new features.
    4) An Orkut Gadget
    5) Google Gadgets on Mac OS X's Dashboard application.
    6) Video Google Earth (Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasss?)
    7) A music editing and playback program with a music store and compatibility with synchronizing with portable audio devices (gTunes, perhaps?)
    8) Same as above with video.
    9) Google Gadgets on Orkut as another feature on Orkut in addition to what I mentioned earlier.
    10) An actual Google Operating system (iGoogle OS, perhaps?)
    11) Google Hardware.
    12) YouTube Gadet
    13) Perantal Controls and Custamizable Search options in Google Video and YouTube.
    14) Being able to have the option to show search results from YouTube and Google serperatly or together.
    15) A "Yearbook" search engine for famous people (actors, athletes, singers, ect.)
    16) More custamizable options.
    17) More themes.
    18) LET'S BUY ASK.COM!
    19) A Wikipedia Gadget.
    20) Live TV and Radio on Google.
    22) More Themes.

  140. I would love to see google calender on my mobile just like the gmail application (which doesn't seem to work on the latest software update of my Nokia 6233, by the way). As soon as this would be possible I'd move away from outlook since I'm tired of paying a lot for a service which is total crap.

  141. Google apps for your domain should provide functionality to set-up a shared contacts database. The current version merely shares the contacts contained within the domain (having three employees this gives me a shared contact database of ... well, three people).

  142. I agree with Federico outlook and Google calander/contacts need to synce.

    In reference to garrido, using your own damain with blogger, you already can, see if your domain provider will provide you with url forawding. Or you can write a quick batch file as the index of your domain that will do an auto forward, and then you use a meta tag to mask your blogger addres. Just google url forwarding and url masking and you will b egood to go

  143. Need Simple OS on cheap portable hardware which can do 80% of task required by normal user.

  144. I would Love to see
    Google OS
    Google Browser
    Google Office

    would be nice to see all those by Google and not by M!cr0s0ft

  145. Search for the chat history as well as mail. Why is it not there yet? Doesn't anybody have the need to search the chat history?

  146. Hi,

    I don't want to download "Sent" messages in my Outlook.

    Its wasting lot of time and conusming bandwidth also.

    So need an option and stop the POP3 for Sent Folder items.

  147. I moved away from outlook for what the calendar aspect is concerned since goosync let's me sync my mobile phone (Nokia 6233) via syncml.
    I'd love to dump outlook completely if only there would be some synchronisation via syncml for contacts. Goosync seems not to be granted the access rights to the API! Come on google. This is a major feature. I'm desperately in need of it.

  148. Would like to have something like incredimail for the g-mail.

  149. I would like Google search to be able to locate the icon for Google Notebook.

  150. I propose a new datasouurce for gapminder - NCLB data from individual states run against NAEP data over time overlaid by points where each state has made curriculum alignment changes to make sure they were asking kids things they were supposed to be teaching them.

    pages 66 thru 71 here:
    There is data available at from a study of alignment changes that can provide static points by state for alignment changes.

    I believe it would get some serious traffic from education analysis folks and then parents and journalists when the analysts started talking about it. Just collaborate with the two sets of researchers to get the data and decide how to display it to make it meaningful.

  151. How about Google Image Search where the input would be an Image itself. Any kinda image (JPG,GIF,ICO,BMP ...). I might have an image which would be an ICONic Image and if I want to find a Bigger image of that say I can use this search .. U never know what possibilities might open up with it.

  152. The ability to set priorities and add read receipts to messages in Gmail.

    In docs, improved compatibility with Office Word docs (e.g. formatting) and templates. How about a global address book so that you can mail-merge etc?

  153. An accounting application for small businesses that integrates with calendar, docs and gmail.

    e.g. Sales and purchase invoices, orders, accounts with invoice generation/printing and reporting.

  154. Sorry if this is a repeat... I would like to be able to label or color code calendar events. I literally use my calendar for my 6 family members - very busy and it would be great to color tag each items.

    Also, it would help to have calendar psynch with outlook.

  155. Google should have some kind of virus protection on sites, like an advisory warning if the site is known to have viruses.

  156. Google should have a universal media player that is similar to Windows Media Player, iTunes, and Real Player 11. Google should have features to help people find out information about the name of songs.

  157. -a way to set your gmail to auto spellcheck when you send (like outlook)
    -auto fill for "from" addresses in the filter creator

  158. Please put on a hi-res photo from the city of Miskolc, Hungary.

    48° 5'38.41"N, 20°46'42.07"E

    Thank You!

  159. I have a MAC and have come to appreciate very much the .MAC functions available; especialli the I-Disk function. Well, I'd love to have a Google based I-Disk.

    More in general a seamless integration between my MAC at home and Goole in general when I access the internet from another PC.

  160. So far I found an address book program called Open Contacts looking like Gmail's contact book, of course more powerful. The program also divides fields into groups, and you can dynamically create new groups and new fields. The program interacts well with outlook, thunderbird, windows telephony, skype and Google Map and Google Earth, though after all it is a windows desktop program.

    If you are looking for something working offline as complementation to Gmail's contact book, this might be a good alternative.

  161. A good Outline Task List manager that can import standard ICalendar file will be a big plus to have.

  162. How about a Google FAX program?

  163. Simple on-line offline project management for multiple personal projects that allows me to associate files of anytype into the project, keep notes, add descriptions to categorize emails etc.

  164. I love Google Notebook!

    I want Notebooks to have two more levels of content. Instead of notebooks and sections, it would contain book cases, book shelves, notebooks, sections, and notes. Something like this:

    Art / Artists / Van Gogh / Drawings / Pencil, Charcoal, Pen and Ink

    I would also like to be able to insert photos and albums from Picasa into my notebooks.

    Thank you very much for your interest. You're doing a great job!

  165. in picasaweb, I would like to:
    - organize my albums into groups or folders or something.
    - have comments.
    - have a more detailed profile.
    - embed content other than just albums (such as gadgets). really i wish someone could look at one page, see my gallery, my blog, my igoogle page, and my youtube videos all at once.

  166. A decent instance of the "Labs:Reader" gadget but for the side bar

  167. "Translate search"... like "define:word" but now "translate:word" or more specific "toenglish:word" | "tojapanese:word" | "tospanish:word".. etc..

    It would be nice.

  168. An alternative for syncing my mobile phone calendar to Google calendar. Currently using goosync, but would like this function to be "in house" as part of a Google account.

  169. When Google provides the Google address book already listed in the primary outline, it be wonderful it were "synchronize-able" with my cell phone (a Motorola RAZR). Right now, Yahoo! is offering this service, but I'd rather keep everything with Google, since that's where my e-mail and Calendar are.


  170. To be able to look at the property's and message source without opening the message.
    Not have known contacts mail go into the trash half the time.
    easier coordinating with outlooks address book.
    option to pick email when linking.
    multiple user accounts so I can have different ones for different purposes.

  171. navigation option to the current google maps cellphone software

  172. To create Picasa-like software for music organization. The software will recognize audio tracks by their sound signature and automatically rename and organize the entire collection.

    There are programs like this already (MoodLogic, for example), but they are either not free or not sophisticated enough.

  173. hi...

    it's a is very much needed to search all days without google

    nothing is possible to find.i have a suggestion.

    if i have a photo and i do not know who is he/she/thing i need a search with a photo..

    if i paste a photo in google it should show the name and some article about him/her.....

    it's a search with image(if i paste sachin photo in the search engine tab it should show he is

    sachin..and article about sachin) .

    Kalyana sundaram.M
    Test Engineer,

  174. Google Sketchup for Linux. Ive been waiting for that one for a while.

  175. - A real calender overview (like in Adobe photoshop album)
    - Google Desktop also indexing e-mail attachments
    - A proper positioning of Hello, is it replaced by Picassa?

  176. I read in Time or Newsweek recently that Mr. Brin isn't sure if the carbon offsets he is buying are doing any good. I have in excess of 8 Billion Dollars worth of carbon offsets to sell and in turn 100% of them must be given away, each year and I can assure you that they will be used for doing a great many people a great deal of good along with immediate results as far as carbon footprints are concerned. I would like to speak to the Board of Directors at Google or Mr. Brin. I can be reached at anonbene1@yahoo,com.

  177. Google 'phone now!

  178. I am only using Windows to run Sketchup - when can we expect GoogleSketchup for Linux? PLEASE!

  179. Hello,

    I'd like an option "Do not show SPAM" in Gmail.

    I've been carefully watching how the SPAM filter works in my case and have decided its' good enough to trust.

    Turning it off/on would be great !!

  180. Yes, ...
    "A real Google Address Book with shared profiles that works in all Google services and it's easier to manage than the current Gmail Contacts."
    The bane of small business is keeping current each users address book.Even if you only have 4 users. MS Outlook server is to costly and requires system manager expertise or hire a consultant.

  181. I love gmail - I swore I'd never use web mail until g came along ... now I won't use anything else.

    But it isn't perfect.

    I'd like to see 'hard filters' - anyone mentioning viagra NEVER gets in my inbox, my spambox, even my deleted. it just ceases to exist.

    Anyone mailing to more than 200 gmailers without knowing their 'name' get diverted to a pending box, for white listing or spam labelling.

    And 27 other ways to target known spammers.

    Yes, I want some control - but I want Google to advise me.

  182. Google Groups is a disaster; far from improving Usenet, it has allowed spammers an easy route to destroy the world!

    GG as is should ban cross posting, and find ways to stop spammers.

    GG should also be available in a Usenet/popmail-style mailing system, with all the antispam devices that gmail has (and more), plus all the antispam measures that outlook does NOT have.

    Yes, we're talking software. Is that really so hard?

  183. Google News - let me set it how I want.

    It seems obvious to me that anyone wanting news, wants the latest stuff first, not what Google's algorithm says is most 'relevant', even if it's two weeks ago, before today's events were thought of.

    Google obviously disagrees - so would it hurt to let me set MY preference for 'latest first', so I don't have to search twice for news?

    That's all for now ... keep up the Good Work

    PS deliver one out of three, and I'll stay loyal forever ... or at least until someone better comes along. OK, OK ... forever it is!

  184. Please incorporate weather into Google Earth (as well as google maps for mobile). Everything is already there... It just seems natural to put the two together. Animated time elapsed cloud/radar coverage. With all the awesome things Google comes out with, I am VERY surprised that this hasn't been released yet!

    Keep up the great work! Can't wait to see this new Gphone that we've all been anxious to see!

  185. Gphone that's not locked into one company (AT&T) and that let's user control their content adn add their own. Yes, it's like SybianOS but I think a GoogleOS would be better. By the way, Google OS would be nice to have. But please make a hybrid kernel which supports, Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. I can't stand Windows' vunerability (Vista Especially) so having Linux handle the file execution proccess would be great.

  186. Not sure if this has been mentioned before now (199 comments are a lot to read!) but I'd love to see the standalone Google Chat program being launched for us Mac users! I've switched over from Windows to Mac recently and this is pretty much the only thing I miss!

  187. Able to have three column template option without have to edit the long HTML Code

    Add a Newsletter that people can use to send their latest post in their own Blogger account

    Have more good templates like the wordpress ones

    Having a sub directory in my blogspot address.

    Helping people who have own domain to create a subdomain through blogger

    Email reports about my blog's PR in Google and who is linking to me

    Challenge Yahoo by offering no space limit on Gmail accounts

    Google providing free Internet access in Singapore. Attach a condition that the user has to visit Google's website a least once per day (Which people often do)

    Shall comment more if I get more ideas

  188. I like the Google FAX idea. I think once Grand Central gets fully assimilated (no Borg here!), then adding some FAX functionality will be a "no-brainer". I don't need to FAX very often, but occasionally I either have to FAX or take a paper document somewhere as "proof" (such as for insurance changes). A good, reliable (and free!--for a small number of pages per year) FAX service would be nice.

  189. I would love to see a photo-screensaver for linux. NOBODY has such a thing. Be the first on your block to build one!

  190. * One single uniform quota in my Google Account. One single disk space for: mail, pictures, blogs, videos, docs, etc.

    * The possibility of uploading, downloading, and managing ANY type of file inside Google Docs

    * Google Music ! :-D

  191. Google Projects: a Google Project Management Tool integrated with Google Calendar! That would be a killer App! Like MS Project, but much better, of course! :-D

  192. A common storage/quota for all Google services. That way, users could optimize their usage in the way of their choice, and it provides the ease of centralized management.

  193. I think Google should provide a free high speed internet access. Because the internet world always relates to the speed. If Goodle have a good idea to share with us such as Google Earth, Google Office, Video Seach etc., then, the user definitly needs the speed. Besides, around this world, too many ISP company still think they can make money with lousy service and they think they can keep forever. We are tired of it. 3G is a good technology, but no one make money, Why? Because They sell speed, not content. In the age of Web 2.0, I think speed is free, content is money. They are the enemy in the internet world for a good content provider like Google. If Google can give us a free gmail space, why not a free high speed access!

  194. Why is xp or vista the only operating system supported-- why not linux, bsd, ou solaris - since staroffice is a sun product?

  195. I would like to see a free web based Google operating system integrating all of Google services.

  196. 1. SIP support for Google Talk.

    2. Google Talk and Grandcentral integration.

    3. A native way to star or tag messages from an external e-mail clients (ex. Thunderbird).

    4. More support for other operating systems.

    Keep up the good work. :)

  197. How about google video conference?


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