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April 8, 2010

More Albums in Picasa Web

I mentioned in some previous posts that Picasa Web Albums has many limitations: even though Google lets you buy up to 16 TB of storage, Picasa Web Albums was limited to 1,000 albums and each album could only include 1,000 photos. To make things worse, Google Buzz creates a new album every time you upload photos.

Google addressed this problem by raising the limit to 10,000 albums, but I'm not sure if that's the right solution.

"We want Picasa Web Albums to be a place you can share and store all your digital photos, regardless of how many you have. We recently made extra storage really affordable, but until now, Picasa Web accounts have been limited to a maximum of 1,000 albums. We heard that you needed more room, and because we want you to keep sharing your photos and posting them to Buzz, we've worked hard to now raise this limit to 10,000 albums."

Google could make these limitations less important by detaching photos from albums. Instead of uploading photos and adding them to a single album, Picasa could use labels to group related photos. Some labels could be created dynamically: place labels, date labels, people labels, while albums could be created manually or using filters.

{ Thanks, Dave. }


  1. well now I can store many of my photo freely then.thanks google. :-)

  2. Yeah it would be nice if Google could implement labeling instead of albums, and they should also make the domain instead of ;) that would make thinks much easy...

  3. They have been workin hard to add a zero to the amount of available albums? C'mon Google, you can do better!

    They should add more functionalities instead of albums. What do I need 10000 albums for, if only the first 10 tags are visible???

    That must be a joke! Google is lacking big time lately!

  4. Picasa on iphone (and other mobile device ?) can only show 100 pictures by albums! that's too bad.

    Please ask Google to let us view all picture

  5. When posting folders to web albums, you lose the folder hierarchy. everything is flat. I would prefer a complete, unattended 'backup' to picasaweb. Everything would be saved exactly as it appears on the local hard drive.

  6. "Picasa could use labels to group related photos."

    An excellent idea and groundbreaking in exactly the same way GMail was for using labels rather than folders.

  7. I agree that the use of labels would be terrific. But, I (and I assume most others) primarily store photos on my computer in folders labeled by the date that the photos were taken. (I also add a brief description of what the folder contains.) In other words, I already store my photos in the same manner in which PWA stores/displays them. So this is not a big deal for me.

    But the fact that I no longer have to worry about running out of albums on PWA is a massive step in the right direction. Of course, PWA can just get rid of album limits altogether which I have assume they will do down the road.

    Some things I think we all want with PWA are: labels, sub-folders, and the ability to send a link to a particular photo instead of an entire album. But even without these features, I fail see how Flickr is a better service (other than having a larger community). All in all, a good day for PWA users.

  8. I think the idea of labels is already there, they support Tags. I already use tags for doing what you are suggesting, and the other items like date is already embedded in the picture (or can be). For this reason, I LOVE the way that Picassa keeps a 1:1 between the local file folder and the web album, it keeps their sync braindead easy (and simple to backup). Having the folders be hierarchical would be nicer, for sure, however, i think if they provided some different views of the images - by date and by tag (and support hierarchical tags using the / as a deliminter like some other sites), it would be slick.

  9. Thanks for posting this. I'm glad they added albums, but I don't think that is the right solution either. I like the idea of labels/tags for photos the same way labels work with email. It would make the user experience consistent. Labels also seem more practical for organization. Properly implemented, labels could really free me from my file system organizational headaches.

  10. Very well written and good points all around.

  11. I would like to add my vote for setting up labels to emulate gmail.

    Additionally, a method for grouping sets of online albums into a folder (subdirectory?) would be helpful as some events I post generated a dozen or more albums. This is something that works quite well on smugmug.


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