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June 29, 2012

Uninstall Android Apps Remotely

Update: this feature is no longer available in Google Play Store's desktop site. You can only install apps remotely, but not uninstall them.

Now you can uninstall Android apps using an iPhone, an iPad, a Windows Phone phone, a different Android device, a laptop or any other computer. Just open the Google Play site in your favorite browser, click "My Android Apps", select your device and click the trash icon next to the app you want to uninstall.

If you've disabled the option that allows Google Play Store to automatically update your apps or if some of them aren't yet updated, you can also the "My Android Apps" page to update them manually.

What if you've accidentally uninstalled an app and you want to install it again? Check the "My Account" page to find the list of apps you've recently installed. Please note that when you uninstall an app, the settings and the app's data are removed and you can't get them back (easily). Use the "disable" feature from Android 4.0+ to "freeze" an app, while preserving its settings and data.

{ Thanks, Sterling. }


  1. Cool, I am surprise this was not included in the key note speech on Android.

    Nice feature.

  2. That's pretty cool, thanks. One other feature you might consider adding... Removing apps from the "Other apps in my library" section. I've had my Android for quite a while, and there are some apps I know I will never install again. Since you're only giving me 20 pages to display apps I had months, or even years ago, it would be nice if I could remove some so I can see my entire list... or give me more than 20 pages. My list only gets up to apps beginning with the letter C. Anything after "Color Matcher", I can never see on this list. :-(

  3. Awesomely cool.

    Now if they can only fix the bug that allows your "Other apps in your library" section of that page to only show the first 20 pages of apps (I can't get past the letter "H"), that would be fantastic.

    1. I would love to have this feature. My list has some archaic apps I know I will never install again.

  4. I have two accounts on my android device. I have installed an app using one google account. now the account id deleted. can I remotely delete the same app using the other account?

  5. This while article is no longer valid: Google removed this function a long time ago. You can no longer deinstall apps remotely, and any app that you have ever installed shows up now as installed, even if you have had it deinstalled years ago.

    1. You're right, I updated the article.

    2. Then how to uninstall ?
      i have a Query Which is out of box, How to get or track the Lost mobile?
      i had GTS5282, in which i havent installed the tracking application?
      can any one please update me how to get the location of my mobile, whats the SIM currently in it?

      Thanks in advance.

  6. I am not able to locate uninstall button in on google Playstore...
    Hide apps

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