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November 28, 2012

Google Shows Flight Notifications

Back in August, Google released an experiment that integrated Google Search with Gmail. Besides returning results from Gmail, Google also detects flight-related confirmation messages so that it can show additional information for your upcoming flights. You can try this feature by searching for [my flights], as documented here.

What Google doesn't mention is that it also shows flight notifications. They look just like the Google+ birthday reminders.

Flight notifications aren't a new feature (someone spotted it in September), but I thought it's worth mentioning it. There's a lot of valuable information that can be obtained from Gmail messages, as you can see from the latest Google Now update, which shows cards for flights, packages, hotel reservations, event bookings and more. Maybe Google Now will have a desktop interface and it will replace some of the iGoogle features.

{ Thanks, Matt. }


  1. Google needs to show these alerts on all their properties and in all countries. I do not see birthday alerts on Indian IP. But I get them on Swedish VPN.

  2. There was some hints on the code for the Google search app for Windows 8 that they will be bringing Now functuality to Google Desktop.

    Google Now need to be universal and integrated into all of Google products to be truly useful, just like a truly useful personal assistance would need to know everything about you and your job and family life to be truly useful to you.

    1. Is it really possible for you to be responding to me or am i crazy.?

    2. Is it really possible for you to be responding to me or am i crazy.?