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January 28, 2013

Quickly Switch to the Basic Google Image Search

If you don't like the new Google Image Search interface, you can't go back to the previous interface. Fortunately, Google still includes a link to a much older interface without infinite scrolling, but with useful information like the file size and a page snippet.

Infinite scrolling makes it difficult to get to the bottom of the page because Google continuously loads new image results as you scroll down. The best way to find the link that switches to the old interface is to press "End" on your keyboard (Fn + Right Arrow if you have a Mac) and click "switch to basic version". Google doesn't remember your setting, so the switch is not persistent.


  1. So, how do I search for similar images now? I don't see 'Similar' anywhere?

  2. To see similar images you need to click an image to display the preview, then click "More sizes" in the right panel. It seems that "More sizes" and "Similar images" are now considered to be equivalent.

    1. Note: My reply applies to the new UI. "Similar images" wasn't available in the previous "basic version".

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  4. i hit "end" and nothing happened...

  5. did another search and this page has a solution that works :)
    "go to and you get google images basic."


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