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July 17, 2006

Underground Software

All your friends use Skype, but you've found an application much better than Skype. You ask you coworkers why they still use Windows Explorer to go to a specific folder. Nobody wants to listen when you say that the Start Menu is useless or that you spend most of your time using the command-line.

If you use a software with little or no awareness and you're proud of that, tell the world about it. Don't forget to mention why you think it's special. It doesn't have to be a Windows software, but it would be nice if it were free.

Some of my underground software:
FreeRAM XP Pro - optimize your RAM
Super - convert multimedia files
Total Commander - Windows Explorer is nothing


  1. WinZip is ubiquitous, WinRAR very good but the best compression AND open source app is 7zip.

  2. Ruby as a scripting language instead of Perl, etc. Pity it doesn't come on most machines already installed - you then have to convince administrators to install it and support the gems etc.

  3. xplorer2 is definitely a few steps in front of anything else I have seen when it comes to directory browsing.

  4. Hi. The best app I use out there is Mobilemeter, a system monitor software. I love it and I've used it for a few years now.

  5. I have to recommend the music player Billy. It's simply the best music player - clean, fast, very useful.

  6. Here are some of my offbeat free favorites:

    calc - a C-style arbitrary precision calculator

    clamwin - free antivirus for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and 2003.

    irfanview - graphic viewer for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003.

    csved - a csv (comma seperated values) file editor

    puTTY - a free telnet/ssh client

    filezilla - ftp and sftp client for windows

    topgun - a small, fast notepad replacement written entirely in assembler

  7. Google Deskbar is great. The google search box from Google Desktop, without everything else. You can even search without opening your browser. You can find it here.

  8. NewsBin Pro:
    Not free but excellent program to use with your newsgroups.
    I prefer this over all others including 7-zip.
    Alcohol 120:
    Great software to mount cd/dvd images.
    Nero 7 Ultra Edition:
    Still the best to burn cd/dvd's, create images, etc...
    View, baby edit, and mass email pictures (best function I think).
    Microsoft Virtual PC:
    Now free for all. Great software to run virtual OS's. You can run windows and linux. Test test test, then when it breaks just reload your backup and start over.

  9. hey thanks for that list.. those really are some good free softwares and I was not even aware of them.

    Thanx again!

  10. As a free CD/DVD-ROM emulator, I recommend Daemon Tools. Alcohol 120 is not free.

    Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 is now free.

  11. Don't use Super.

    Not only does it violate the GPL license by including a bunch of Cygwin DLLs without mention of source code, it also installs them into the Windows system32 directory which causes problems and version conflicts if you have Cygwin installed.

    - Michael

  12. ObjectDock - an amazing free program. Great if you want to clean up your shortcuts on your desktop. I have used to replace my Windows taskbar. I recommend the plus version for multiple docks.

  13. avast antivirus
    is a very very good antivirus for windows...updated every other day
    it is also free.

    coreforce firewall
    we have tested and tested and we do believe this is the best firewall out there right now...its not for the faint of heart or for the ones that do not read the manual
    it is also free

  14. I found Launchy to be very useful. Applications can be opened in a jiffy. It is very effective.

  15. Grisoft has a free Anti-virus

    I keep Key Folder on my USB drive, it keeps all of my passwords and it is strongly encrypted. A Must, i dont know why it's not more popular!!!

  16. I'd have to recommend GAIM. It's an IM client (open source) that lets you be on multiple networks at once, including, GTalk, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and others. You can also have multiple accounts on each network.

    It's doesn't have VoIP yet, but thats apparently comming in the future.

    You can download it from

  17. -VLC Media Player
    -Miranda IM

  18. I would have to say mediacoder over SUPER. It is found at

    Freshdownload for a download manager found at

    Netmeter for bandwidth monitoring found at

    SDP (Streaming Download Project) for capturing streaming audio/video found at

    And on the linux side

    Krusader for a file manager found at

    gkrellm for a system monitor (but I use it just for bandwidth) found at

    Mplayer plays pretty much any audio/video and it is available for windows found at

    I think that is a decent enough list.

  19. opensourcewindows has a list of some of the best open source software for windows such as gaim, filezilla, turbocash, etc

  20. NOD32 is by far the best overall antivirus software. I have tried/tested Avast, AVG, Symantec, Sophos, Panda, Trend Micro and McAfee. NOD32 simply uses less resources, is non intrusive and still provides you with the same protection (viruses, worms, adware, spyware and phishing) oh yea and it really works. Unfortunetly they do not have a free version; however, I do encourage all to try since you will end up feeling like I do.

  21. I just came across this wonderful program that lets you capture screenshots. It is very flexible and runs easy on memory.


  22. 1) MPUI - MPlayer frontend -
    2) XnView - image viewer -
    3) Ant Renamer -
    4) XMPlay - audio player -
    5) Foxit Reader - PDF viewer -
    6) AutoRuns - better than MSConfig -
    7) ExplorerXP - file manager -
    8) nLite + XPize - customize XP setup -
    9) DM2 - GUI tweak -
    10) ┬ÁTorrent - BitTorrent -
    11) KeePass - password manager -
    12) DeepBurner Free - CD burning -

  23. 1) BeamFile - send large files -
    2) AbiWord - word-processor -
    3) Unlocker - no more sharing vialations -
    4) Foobar - light music player -
    5) TheDude - network monitor -
    6) RyanVM - slistream hotfixes in Windows setup -
    7) WinSnap - beautiful screenshots -

  24. Tweak UI...can't remember the site...


  25. NIST Internet Time Service.

    The official tool for setting your computer's time to the atomic clock operated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

    Did I mention it's only a quarter megabyte?

  26. Well SUPER sounds super, but the download link is no-where visible on the site!

  27. Installed FreshDownload, Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Live Desktop Mail broke.

    Uninstalled FreshDownload and both work.

    Besides, the FreshDevices freeware require e-mail for registration

  28. For those who like to use keyboard more than mouse, try FAR manager from rarlabs

    TuneUp utilities is a comprehensive set of tools which i found very useful for sys maint.

    Notepad++ is a very gud editor and competes with EditPlus2

  29. NOD32 BEST antivirus in market.

  30. Avast! antivirus is excellent, low resources, thorough!
    FastStone image viewer is also excellent and is loaded with features.
    Picasa2 from google is very good and has some useful features.
    WinRar is by far my favorite compression software!
    uTorrent is a very light weight torrent client.

  31. Linux - openSUSE 10.2

    Beryl on Linux... it literally blows windows Vista away

    Avast Antivirus - as someone mentioned above

    Open Office - 99% like MS office, all for free, why pay for MS office??

  32. I was looking for a free, small and plain CD player.

    I tried a couple of freeware apps but they only worked with the first CD drive in your system.

    And then, I found HACP.

    Don't expect equalizer, filters or a nice wave dancing with the music. It's just a CD player and works really fine; with any CD player (even virtuals, like Daemon Tools).

    One more detail, you can set it to "Tiny mode" wich turns the program main window into a really small rectangle which you can drag wherever you want on your screen. Combined with "always on top" mode, it's all I could ask for.

    You can get it at:

  33. Attributemagic Pro
    Very powerful utility to change the photo exif dates. every exif field can be manually changed. It can rename files according to file or exif dates. I use it also for creating exif data for cameraphone images.

  34. Synergy - Kinda like a software KVM Switch but ten time more powerful -

    I garanty it will give you geek a hard on.

  35. Well, most I was going to post were mentioned previously.
    I would like to add that:
    * Total Commander
    * Avast antivirus
    and many others also mentioned, are above all, very stable and give me very little headaches.

    I would like to add:
    a new acquisition from Spain (well Catalonia):
    After installing it all, I had an M$ avatar parrot that came flying over my desktop and started talking all the news of my RSS feeds. This, allows me to keep on doing other important :) tasks while I am listening at all the news and doing a 'subcontious filtering' of what deserves further attention. It also has an option to go to an html page built with all my selected RSS news (atom, XML and all) where I can read the complete news and go to the original page to take other actions...
    It is nice, and one of the very few applications well done using the infamous Microsoft's avatars (like clipo, einstein, etc).
    Besides, installing completely an avatar would allow you to use it for other jobs.
    It's all free.

  36. Sorry,
    I forgot to mention a guy that has being developing a very useful password manager that is multiplatform and freeware!

    PASSWORDMANAGER (though not a very original name)
    it is one of the most complete encripted systems to keep all your passwords by only remembering one...

    As it works as a .jar file in JAVA you only need a JRE (included in the download) to have it working in any operating system.

    It is a bit slow to start (JAVA). But it also accepts commands from any command line. It is also as much skinnable as a JAVA application could be. It could also be used as a bookmarks encripted file. It has a password generator. And allows recording tags for every password as if you where using Besides, it has a very comfortable comments windows that authomatically records date and time of your password creation. The files can be exported/imported in XML, HTML, CSV or plain text.

    He hasn't being well promoted in the same proportion as he desserved for the quality of his program.
    You should give it a try!

  37. Mp3/Tag Studio - if you're cool enough to be the kind of person whose mp3 library simply MUST be tagged with all the correct Artist/Album/Track No./Genre/Release Year data, this is the most useful tool around!

    *Full support for ID3v1.0, ID3v1.1 and ID3v2 tags
    *Auto tag from filename
    *Auto rename from tag
    *Mass set tags
    *Mass clean tags
    *Mass convert between tags
    *Repair mp3 headers (very useful for VBR files that confuse your media player)
    *Advanced customizable filtering capabilities to only perform operations on files that meet certain custom set criteria
    *Includes powerful generic utility for case fixing and string replacement in any tag field or filename, plugged into all the applicable tools
    *Highly customizable shell extension (Windows explorer right click menu) with powerful operations on files and directories
    *and a helluva lot more!!

    Admittedly it's got a bit of a complex GUI but well worth the effort!
    My only real criticism is it doesn't support insertion of Album Art into mp3 headers. I use Musicmatch to do that then Mp3/Tag Studio to clean up the mess ze Jukebox makes of my lovely tags :)

  38. VLC Media Player! The program that will play absolutely any video! has not failed me once till this day! its brilliant!

  39. i suggest tagscanner for your audio files

    and instead of windows search and find :

    Ava Find

    its not free but may be you want to check it..

  40. here is a great list:

  41. Far Manager - console TC for hackers with macros and plugins sugar. Forget about your mouse.

    ImgBurn - Greatest DVD burner.

    WinSCP - SSH client for Windows.

  42. 1. screenhunter - for screen shots

    2. notebook hardware control - Amazing utility for controlling the hardware of your laptop, cpu speed, battrery usage..etc great for extending battery life.

    3. CCleaner - very small and robust for cleaning your computer junk

    4. converter - for all scientific units converter

    5. Syncback - for sync-ing your files and backup

    6. VNCreal for controlling other comps on your network..[ make sure you add in the XP addon for added security]

    7.Md5summer - for checking integrity of files after copying them from CD or other recursively inside folders or on individual files.

    8.Ch - a nice combo of C, C++, Matlab compiler and graphics utilities .. and free

    thats it for now :)


    GENS Sega genesis Emulator



    NAOMI internet porn filter











  44. I endorse Avast, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop Search and WinRAR...

    Software Architects should look up StarUML at

  45. SIW - Everything you want to know about your computer

  46. Metapad - replacement for Notepad (one of best features is undo/redo)

    Mihov Image Resizer - it takes digital photos and resizes/converts them in batch mode, the best feature is that you can put it on memorystick and use it in cybercafes

  47. I will only ask you to google these terms, that's probably easier than listing links.

    1. Explorer Breadcrumbs: Vista's breadcrumb navigation for XP, free, you won't ever go back to the plain old Address Bar.

    2. VisualTaskTips or VisualToolTips, both free, the former is more like Vista's LiveTaskbarPreview, while the other is more customizable

    3. EvolutionMediaCenter, free, very very beta, but trust me, not even Vista's Media Center is this cool.

    4.Madotate, free, grab the English version, makes your windows 3D very customizable, try Okatu TopDesk, non-free, for more Flip3D like effect.

    5.Drempels, free, not like DreamScene coz its still image transitions not video, but still beautiful

    6.Yod'm, free, crave the Xgl spinning cube, want it for windows? get this

    7.MonoCalendar,free iCal clone for Windows, and I mean clone.

    8.Valil.Chess.WinFX, free 3D & 2D, hardware accelerated chess with voice control.

    9.VSE (Vista Start Menu Emulator), free, that's what it does very well.

    10.James Bond in 007 Nightfire (PC/Mac), not sold anymore, get by unscrupulous means if necessary. Brilliantly fun multiplayer, great mods/maps, good community. I know this isn't really "software" but play it. seriously.

  48. u should check this website

    recently found Apollo
    "Sound quality is not skinnable"
    immediatly replace Winamp

  49. One little treasure I love is MWSnap 3 - Freeware. absolute reasure tat takes screen captures by dragging a cross hair and selecting. super fast and light


    nLite, nlite, nlite, in use with RyanVM Update Pack, and XPize can create a lightweight, secure Windows XP build that can be an excellent base for creating you OS.

    Appearance [XPize]

    No Time to get coffee when booting your PC... :P

  51. WINACE is also very good zip software
    Also its free and 5 GB space to upload data! WoW

  52. Vim...for vi like goodness on Windows.

  53. i love free softwares like firefox browser, webaroo offline website viewer, AVG antivirus free edtion, utorrent, lingoes translator. I think they do pretty well, even compared with their commercial counterparts. Most of them are on my PC since the day I discovered them on the internet a year ago. Hope more people support these guys!

  54. DVDDecrypter

    the ideal tool for copying DVD's and burning images, you can find it here:

  55. XINE - Movie player (linux)
    Bluefish - Programming editor (linux)
    Editplus 2 - Programming editor (Win)
    sftp - embedded app on most linux distros
    And of course WINE if you cant find the same thing on linux and it has to be windows.
    OpenOffice - Well the name says it..

  56. Hoekey lets you configure shortcuts to launch programs, or anything you could do via the command line. Even lets you mimic actions in programs though this gets very geeky. Very useful and tiny footprint.

  57. My Open Source Transition Pack
    open office
    audacity for podcast creation
    the juice
    NVU web design
    scribus desktop publishing

  58. Litestep

    are great windows shell replacements

  59. Google Deskbar is great. The google search box from Google Desktop, without everything else

  60. A few that haven't been mentioned yet, unless I missed them:

    CH, interpreted programming language that runs on most OS's, can be used as shell if desired; ChScite, a text editor with syntax highlighting that can also be used as an IDE for CH

    Blender for moviemaking

    Gimp for graphics editing

    Media Player Classic to play everything video or audio, versatile and with great options to control rendering. K-lite Codec Pack to go with it.


    Virtual Clone Drive to mount ISO images as disks

    fix8 for cute video avatar stuff

    FolderShare to synchronize files between multiple computers

  61. I used all sorts of stupid software to edit my avi videos until I stumbled into vdub. reccomending it whole-heartedly. simply a brilliant piece of software with all of opensource goodness

  62. Nothing beats VLC player. Plays everything. When downloading torrents,it will play partially downloaded ones
    I can't remember the last time I used windows media player
    There's however a 3d party upgrade pack for the media player that can modify it in some sort of vlc player with Real Media playing capabilities.

  63. Where did all my disk space go?
    Space Monger is a great graphic disk usage display tool. V1.4 is free, although unsupported. I use it on XP and W2k3 machines. There is a supported commercial version as well.

  64. fSekrit is a small application for keeping encrypted notes. Use it to keep all personal information on a USB Flash Drive. Only 60kb:-

    QClip is a clipboard extender for Windows, similar to that found in the Microsoft Office suite, with the exception that it can copy and paste data to and from any other program. Only 60kb :-

  65. try virtualbox ( for virtualization..... better than MS virtual PC supports Linux OSes too.

  66. Tor (
    Gets around China's firewall if you happen to be in China. Hides your browsing activity from your LAN, since it encrypts everything. Just make sure your DNS requests are not leaked.
    Very good automated translator for Chinese<->English.

    Yahoo Pipes:
    Great for figuring out how to actually *use* RSS feeds.

    Google Checkout:
    Better than Paypal if you have an online store. Cheaper and offers better analysis tools. Of course offer Paypal as a secondary option in case your customers really want to use it.

  67. To rename photos in chronological order with exif date:

  68. Hi. Here some the best free favorites app i used :
    filezilla - ftpclient for windows

    Opera - browser

    Spy-Bot - anti spyware

  69. SuperCopier replaces windows explorer file copy and adds many features,Transfer resuming,Copy speed control,Copy speed computation ,Better copy progress display, Copy list editable while copyin , Error log, Copy list saving/loading,...

  70. Comodo has some very useful privacy tools. Like a firewall; spam-filter; anti-malware and site verification. I have to concur that Clamwin is a very useful app, Irfanview rocks and Fire ftp is built into the browser.

    All this and I said that computers were for the younger generation before I bought my first one at age 50 :o)

  71. I have used Directory Opus for years. It isn't free but it costs very little - I don't remember now but I think it's around $30. I never use Explorer now, either in Vista or XP - they just seem so lame after Opus.

    MY kids love the dual pane facility. I use the built in ftp client. It is also great as an image viewer with some basic built in image file-conversions and viewers.

    There isn't much it can't do!


  72. Nobody has mentioned WAMP yet, one click install WAMP stack for development. Installs, Apache, MySQL,PHP, PHPMyAdmin and loads of other useful dev tools.

  73. what about Seamonkey its
    firefox and thunderbird all rolled into one.
    so you only have one to backup.
    and I really love the html editor.
    and the contacts list
    but I still use Gmail 97% of time.

  74. Great blog. Thanks for keeping it on...

    Total Commander.... No doubt, The Best file manager ever for the Windows Environment(with a good set of extensions could be used for a lot of things more)

    EditPad PRO.... Notepad and Coding Editor Replacement... Great one whit support for Regular expressions

    This two are unmissable.

  75. Notepad ++
    Nice source code editor, which support a lot of programming laguages.

    NetBeans - Very powerfull Java
    editor (Supports other languages too)

    Simply the best mail client. Forget about OE and OE Express.

    Firefox - Take back the web

    IrfanView - Very sweet app for
    renaming, resizeing and converting many images at a time.

    RkLauncher - OS X look a
    like taskbar for Windows.

    SpyBot - Good
    spyware remover.

    ImgBurn - Best app to burn / make
    disc images.

    VoIP Buster - Free calls from
    computer to regual phones.

    Joost -
    Free online TV.

    Zattoo - Free online TV.

    SSH Secure Shell
    - SSH and SSH file transfer client.

  76. I recommend Launchy for winXP, same as quick launch field in Vista, you just have to type in the first letters of an app to launch any program in your computer! VERY useful if your start menu is overfilled... ^^

  77. I had written a blog on the best open source alternatives at An another post also covers the portable applications.

  78. some very good ones that have not yet been mentioned:
    CCCP - codec pack that pretty much plays anything video related
    foobar - minimalist media player that plays pretty much any audio format
    Rainlendar - nice minimalist calendar / scheduler
    PDFcreator - installs virtual printer that makes PDFs

  79. all free:

    Mp3 Player: Songbird from Mozilla

    Media Player: KMPlayer

    Text Editor: Notepad++

    IDE: Eclipse

    CD/DVD Burner: InfraRecorder

    Download Manager: Orbit

    Chat: Pidgin

    Encryption Software: TrueCrypt

  80. songbird mp3 player is great. I hate itunes! Thanks Rose

  81. my office we having network smartfilter how can i use google talk in that pc

  82. POPPEER:Check mutliple email accounts

  83. has changed my life (for the better)

  84. My favorites are CCleaner, RegCure and partition Magic.

  85. Firefox, greatest tools for every body, I'm writing this comment on FF now:)

  86. Bypass registering personal details on a web site gain entrance with the help of this handy site

  87. I use:
    - Textpad: Enhanced version of notepad
    - CCleaner
    - All Free Google products - Analytics, Keyword finder, Google Base etc.
    - Free Download Manager - for lengthy downloads

  88. i quite like Google Docs and have abandoned office in its favour

  89. Thanks to all for sharing their favorites. Here is my collection.

  90. Nice write-up and comments!
    Lots of good ideas to look into.

    BTW, what does the girl and the train have anything to do with underground software!

    A Comment on RAM Enhancing S/w from Experience:
    They do NOT work. Because Enhancing RAM is a Myth.
    I tried MemoKit. My PC still crashed.

    Well-tested ways to Increase PC Performance:
    1. Buy more RAM.

    2. Increase Paging File size, or let System Manage Virtual Memory. More often, this size is too small for modern surfing and use.

    3. Keep 20% of Hard Drive Space as Free Space.

    4. Delete all files in C:/Windows/Prefetch.

    5. Set PrefetchEnable Parameter to 2 (Loads Boot files only at Boot).

    6. Download CCleaner ( free) and clean your drive unemotionally.

    7. Error Check your Disk.

    8. Download DeFragula ( free) - This will allow you to DeFragment your Hard Drive, as well as individual Files and Folders!!

  91. My favorites are Kaspersky, Regcure and CCleaner.

  92. Not necessarily the BEST softwares I can name.... but the ones that Stand out, for various reasons.

    Video player: VLC Media Player.... It's clean, no stupid big buttons, pretty much every codec you need built right in!

    MP3 Tagging/Player: Mediamonkey!!! My God! Select an album folder, 2 clicks of a mouse, and all the MP3s are tagged with Track, Artist, Album, Album Art, Lyrics...everything! My FAVOURITE program in this list.

    ASCII Art: DAMN NFO Viewer - Displays those ASCII Art Files the way they should be... does absolutely nothing else, just that - Very small program.

    App Launcher: Launchy... I'm not a fan of Launchers, but it's just so perfect for it!

  93. My favorites is AVG Pro

  94. 1. Launchy
    2. Texter and AutoHotKey
    3. Evernote
    4. jEdit

  95. Here are my undergound favorites; Advanced spyware remover I have used the free edition for at least 7 years now. I paid for the extra premium version but the free version does fine also. Works great.

    many more to come

  96. Here are some more; Eraser is a secure data removal tool, which allows you to remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it with carefully selected patterns. watch out this one can wipe out a hard drive with no chance of recovery. USE CAREFULLY!!!

  97. QuickBFC is great for converting batch files to exe programs

  98. He hasn't being well promoted in the same proportion as he desserved for the quality of his program.
    You should give it a try.

  99. Yahoo Pipes:
    Great for figuring out how to actually *use* RSS feeds.

  100. Nice lists - keep it up. You can find a huge variety of good stuff at Gizmo's freeware --

  101. I've used Ram software. IT isn't much effective by the way

  102. I would like to vote for:
    Total Commander (already said, Windows Explorer is nothing)
    EditPad (already mentioned, the old, totally-free version or the Lite version)
    XnView (already mentioned)
    Kalkulator (not free, but the mother of the calculators:

  103. Panorama! The fastest, bestest database out there for single user/multiuser projects. Runs on OS X and a kind of crippled version is available for PCs.

  104. Thanks for the really great list.
    I already have some of them.

  105. Thanks for this post and i was searching for a good anti virus with trozanehorse remover.Thank you!

  106. Hey the best software that i use and recommend to all webmaster's and CSS developers is Instant Eye Dropper. JUSt click and release and the hex code of color is copied to clip board, no more referring to color charts. =)
    Click here

  107. Simplifymedia - great program to share your iTunes with 30 friends. There is also aniphone app that will let you access it anwhere!

    Digsby - a great app that brings all your communications and solil networks together. Stay connected to gtalk and fb chat without being logged into the site.

    CCleaner - great for fixing registration removing temp data and uninstaller all in one.

  108. i like all the software especially putty Linux based tool designed in Windows

  109. For simple batch editing needs I use image resizer/converter from Faststone. Just google "faststone image resizer." It's an amazing piece of software.

  110. QuickBFC is great for converting batch files to exe programs prada.

  111. No23 recorder - it's for free and it's the best MP3 recorder I know

  112. There is a tiny software called EVERYTHING.. It really changed everything for me.. It is a local search engine for your comp. Assign a shortcut key (mine ALT+F), type the letters, everything related comes immediately while you typing.

    You can use it not only to find everything but you can also use it to open them.. I mean I never click on a shortcut anymore. I always use this to open any kind of thing. For example I type "one xe" to find "onenote.exe" and open it.

    It is free. Find it below

  113. VLC audio/video is excellent. They make Win and Linux versions. It is so much lighter and user friendly than the mains streamers!

  114. notepad++
    Total Commander
    Abyss Web Server
    GOM Player
    Odysseus - http analyzer ,http proxy tool

    Cheers from

  115. Here are a few of my favs:
    Screen capture: Snagit\

    Smart Organizer: Leadertask

    Photo Management: ACDSee 2009

    To-Do List: Smart To Do List

    Uninstaller: Revo Uninstaller

    PDF apps:
    Recover PDF Passwords

    Nitro PDF (Acrobat alternative)

    Post-it Notes: PowerNotes

    If you're a software junkie (like I am) you might want to get on the email list.
    They giveaway a FREE licensed software app everyday.

    Awesome torrent sites...
    Demonoid is down for should still bookmark them. You won't regret it.

  116. Sadly, both mininova and demonoid are down. Mininova forever, and demonoid indefinitely. if you find a replacement for them, I would love to hear about it. So far all the other torrent sites I have checked have been loaded with fake files, bad ads and suspicious code.

  117. Very good Mininova and Demonoid alternative is:
    Very nice, clean interface.

    As for awesome apps,

    Imagine: The best image and animation viewer I have ever used.
    Incredibly lightweight and the hotkey versatility is virtually limitless:

    Billy: My favorite MP3 player. As lightweight as you can get yet very functional with hotkey support and gapless playback:

    Find and Run Robot (FARR):
    Much better than Launchy. (And much more stable too.)

    Spotify: Excellent free music app. Interface and controls are superb. Free version works much like internet radio with ads except 100x better. Unfortunately it requires an account that is currently invite only and available only in select European countries. I was lucky enough to sign on using a proxy before open registrations were closed. When Spotify is open for registration again, sign on with a UK proxy. You won't regret it:

  118. notepad++
    Total Commander
    7Zip 4.65
    AbiWord 2.6.8
    Google Chrome

    Cheers from
    Windows 2009 Starter Kits

  119. FormatFactory. Spectacular program! Can't open core audio files though.

  120. ffmpeg - better than most pre-made video converting apps and way more customisable too...

    Google Quick Search Box - I use this instead of my start menu. usually I can start an app with only about ctrl+space, three characters and ENTER.

  121. You're very right about Total Commander!
    Also very usefull;
    UltraEdit = text/source editor with lots of format-highlighting.
    ThumbsPlus = the best to manage images, batch-editing, make thumbnails on any file format!
    TeamViewer = Take over any PC anywhere, network, behind firewalls, no matter what! As installer, but also works online.

  122. sorry for no links, but shouldn't be hard to find, except maybe lock&rest:

    deskpins: small free app to keep any window on top
    DC++ 'retro' direct connect file sharing, chat, etc (if you try it, come see my hub:
    citrus alarm: choose mp3 to wake up to, trial, may work beyond with annoying reminder, used to be free
    Gimp - free adobe photoshop-like app
    spacemonger-trial but can keep using, visually see what is taking up all your memory
    photogenics by idruna - 30 day trial, very high price, hasn't been updated for years, but awesome effects, i have to reinstall the trial everytime i install or reinstall an operating system, try the tutorials, mobile version too, i actually paid for that one ;)

  123. Ram optimization wasnt easy but this tool is doing great.

  124. You can use it not only to find everything but you can also use it to open them.. I mean I never click on a shortcut anymore. I always use this to open any kind of thing. For example I type "one xe" to find "onenote.exe" and open it.

  125. Love FreeRAM, probably one the best I've found lately. Thanks for pointing me in that direction!

  126. Yes, especially since they put out two different RAM-Speeds. That was a big deal regarding the compatibility with other hardware...

  127. Sure is a good thing! I still have to get used to outsourced RAM, but helps a big deal!

  128. I'm so happy I found this. Free RAM is such a great help for my business! Thanks!!!

  129. most desktops and laptops come back with Windows pre-installed when you buy them, and sometimes the Windows installation disc is not included. this is often the wbsite that provides that You only need to insert a bootable CD or USB drive besides up your Windows. This emergency boot disk for Windows seven will help else up any desktop and laptop.


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