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February 8, 2013

Third-Party Apps, More Visible in Google Drive

Google Drive updated the "create" menu. Now third-party apps are placed next to Google's apps and are easier to find. There's also a new option to "connect new apps" that displays the list of Google Drive apps (there are more than 100 applications). It's still an iframe for the Chrome Web Store collection, but you no longer have to open a new page to find an app. Another advantage is that you can filter the apps by category and restrict the search results to Google Drive apps. I've always found it weird that the Google Drive apps are listed in the Chrome Web Store, even though they don't require Chrome.

"The Google Drive Create menu now elevates Drive-connected apps to the same level as Google apps such as Docs and Sheets. This makes Drive-connected apps easier to reach and more visible to Google Drive users," informs Google.

There are apps for editing photos and videos, for creating web pages, for editing music, for merging PDF files, signing documents, faxing documents, creating whiteboards, diagrams, invoices and even designing t-shirts.


  1. The downside to this change is that we lost direct access to the Template section. Now, to create a template, one must open a document and access it from the File menu.

    Hopefully, Google will fix this.

    1. I agree. Frustrating downside to an otherwise positive update.

    2. I agree. Frustrating downside to an otherwise positive update.

    3. Create a bookmark as a workaround. Google, can we get a keyboard shortcut on the drive page?

  2. This is great. The only downside to this is if you happen to have a lot of Drive apps enabled. I have more than a page worth of apps connected, so it creates a second page of app icons similar to app pages on the Chrome start page. The problem might be in finding or quickly accessing an app. The apps are organized alphabetically, so if you happen to use an app that starts with "Z" a lot, this might get frustrating. The end result would be that you would have to disconnect the other apps, but that really shouldn't be necessary. A "search for apps" bar would be great! Also organizing by recently used or most used apps might help.

  3. As a Google Apps for Education school and user, the loss of the Templates option in the menu has created a frustration and somewhat of a panic to us using Google Apps in school settings, and where we have gotten used to the Templates access. I too hope there is a fix or other BUTTON to access these templates SOON! I have sent word out to use the bookmark idea, but when something like that is an integral part of your process, that hopefully is only temporary.

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