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February 27, 2013

Gmail Attachments in Google Drive?

Jérôme Flipo spotted a new GDrive feature in an animated GIF file shared by the Google Drive team: a "Gmail attachments" section.

It turns out that there are many references to Gmail attachments in Google Drive's code, so this new feature is not yet enabled in the public version of Google Drive, but Google employees test it.

It's likely that you'll be able to manage Gmail attachments from Google Drive, find attachments and share them with other people. Google Drive is already the central file repository for most Google services.


  1. Google Drive is already the central file repository for most Google services.

    Not for photos.
    Not for music.


    1. Not for Youtube uploads either.

    2. Perhaps, but it doesn't have a Music app for example. The default photo storage is still Google+/Picasa web (at least that's the same). For music you have Google Music, while video's go on either YouTube or Google+ (for some reason). Also, did I mention the Books, Movies and Magazines on the Play Store (which could also possibly be integrated). Not to mention movies on YouTube.

  2. GMail already has Drive attachments, btw. This just makes them more visible from Drive

    1. No, it's about the existing Gmail attachments. "Drive attachments" aren't actually attachments because the files are uploaded to Google Drive and you're only sending links.


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