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February 26, 2013

Hide Google's Navigation Bar

If you don't like Google's black navigation bar or you don't use, there's a simple way you to hide it: just bookmark this URL It's used by the A Google a Day site, which shows daily puzzles you can solve using Google search. Unfortunately, this interface doesn't show very recent results (from the past week), so you can solve the puzzles on your own, without spoilers.

You can right-click the search box in Chrome, Opera and Firefox, select "Add as search engine", "Create search" or "Add a keyword for this search" and create a new search engine you can trigger using a keyword.

Tecno-Net reports that Google tests a new interface that hides the navigation bar on search results pages and only shows it when you visit the homepage.


  1. Or this user stylesheet I made:

  2. Oh! I didn't know that one. Thanks!

    But do note that also including complete=0 catches a blank (but nicer) black-bar version, - looks like:

    The other "common" switches works fine with it.
    "Common" switches, as mentioned in eg.


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