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July 13, 2013

Chrome for Android Adds Page Translation

Chrome 28 for Android has a new feature that translates pages automatically. It uses Google Translate and it's similar to the desktop translation feature.

For some reason, Chrome for Android doesn't use the translation settings from the desktop Chrome. They're synced, but the mobile Chrome ignores them. Even if you've asked Chrome in the past to always translate French pages, you'll still see this message: "This page is in Fresch. Translate it to English?" The infobar is placed at the top of the page in the tablet interface and at the bottom of the page in the phone interface.

Google's language detection algorithm is not perfect. If Google didn't detect the language properly, you can tap the corresponding link and choose a different language. You can also pick another language for the translation. After the page is translated, you can check "Always translate [this language]".

After selecting "always translate" and visiting a different page written in the same language, the tablet interface shows an infobar and it quickly disappears. The phone interface shows a persistent infobar and you can tap "more" to disable "always translate". For tablets, you need to quickly tap the infobar and you can disable "always translate".

If you answer "no" two times in a row, you'll see an infobar that lets you choose between "never translate [this language]" and "never translate this site".

Translation settings are not synced in Chrome for Android, not even across mobile devices. If you want to disable the Google Translate integration, go to the Settings page, select "Content settings", then "Google Translate" and turn off this feature.

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