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July 8, 2013

Chrome Sync Dashboard

If you've ever wondered how many extensions, apps, themes, bookmarks, passwords, Omnibox URLs, autofill items, settings and open tabs are synced by Chrome for your account, there's an online dashboard that shows this information. "Chrome Sync saves your personalized browser features to the web and allows you to access them from Google Chrome on any computer," informs Google.

Unfortunately, the page doesn't include a list of the items that are synced. If you don't use Chrome, you can't access your bookmarks from an online interface and that's pretty strange.

Google Dashboard shows even more information about Chrome Sync: autofill profiles, app settings, search engines and the date of the last sync.

If you're curious to find technical information about Chrome Sync internals, open a new tab in Chrome, paste this: chrome://sync-internals/ and press Enter. You'll find that Chrome synchronizes a lot more things: app notifications, device information, dictionaries, experiments, extension settings, favicons.

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