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July 15, 2013

Redesigned Google Play Store Site

The redesigned Google Play Store for the web is finally available. The interface is now consistent with the mobile app, the site now uses AJAX, there's the modern Roboto font, transitions are smoother, thumbnails are bigger and there's less content to see at a glance. You have to scroll more, click more, so you'll have plenty of time to enjoy the new navigation arrows.

There are also bugs. For example, in the Romanian version of the Google Play Store, section titles include some strange exclamation marks that separate the words, instead of spaces. There are a lot of localization issues, including a Kommunikation section (that's a German word).

Google Play now looks like a mobile site resized for the desktop. Instead of taking advantage of the space that's available, the site shows less content and a lot of empty spaces.

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