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November 17, 2014

Google Updates Recent Activity Section

Google updated the Recent Activity card from the account settings page. There's a new interface, the information is grouped by devices and the main page is now called "devices & activity".

Google now shows a simplified list with all the devices you've used to sign in to your Google account. Next to the device's name, you'll also see your location.

Click a device to find more information: a list of browsers, the device model, the account access type and more. If there's no Google Account activity in the past 28 days, Google suggests to remove its account access "if you're not currently using this device or you've reset it".

It's interesting to note that Google no longer displays useful information like IP addresses and browser versions. Here's the old interface:

You can find additional information in the new "notifications & alerts" page. "You can see security-related activity from the past 28 days. For example, it will show if you changed your password or added a phone number to your account," informs Google.

{ via Florian Kiersch. }

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