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March 12, 2015

Google Inbox Links to Google Contacts

When Google Inbox launched, many people wondered why it doesn't have a contact manager. Now that Google Contacts has a new preview version powered by Material Design, Google Inbox's desktop site added a Contacts link to the sidebar. It only opens Google Contacts in a new tab, but it's still useful.

{ Thanks, Paolo Amoroso. }


  1. using google inbox, i can't address 'Groups' of contacts, saved in my Google Contacts (Groups), to the To portion of a message. I can address individuals no problem. I have to go to the old gmail to address Groups of contacts.

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  3. If you're interested, I made a Chrome extension that makes senders and recipients clickable from Google Inbox to their corresponding contact page on Google Contacts.
    Hope this helps!

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  5. I would like someone at the upper level in the GOOGLE organization to check this out,Someone with GOOGLE that might REALLY care about customers!!


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