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March 22, 2015

YouTube Autoplay, Enabled by Default

As previously anticipated, YouTube's autoplay feature is no longer an experiment and it's now a regular feature enabled by default. YouTube automatically plays related videos until you pause videos or you disable autoplay. "When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next," explains Google.

You can disable autoplay by unchecking "autoplay" in the right sidebar or in the player's settings menu. YouTube saves the setting in a cookie, so it will no longer play related videos automatically until you enable the feature again or clear YouTube cookies.

YouTube has a video and a help center article that offer more information about this feature:

"Once a video is over, you'll see a 10 second countdown that tells you what's going to play next. The next video that plays is determined by your viewing history. If you want more time before the next video starts, pause the countdown by scrolling down past the video player. You can also pause the countdown by typing, either a comment or something into the search box. Also, you can click 'Cancel' on the countdown screen to stop the next video from playing."


  1. Disable all "Autoplay" by default so that if will never work unless you enable it for a particular video. It is annoying.

  2. Yes, once again a tech company does something silly by default. Considering half my suggestions on YouTube are not intuitive, and don't have any relevance to what I am playing right now, why make it autoplay? No the suggestions may be relevant to one thing I listened to one time, for a specific reason, but now that I am listening to something else, they show me a suggestion from that one other video I watched.

    And considering in this day and age when we want to protect our privacy, keeping track with a cookie is useless when my private browser sessions aren't keeping cookies, and I don't keep them from session to session either.

    As usual a company does things backwards. Autoplay should be a choice, not the standard that is forced on us. And as usual, I am certain Google won't listen or do anything about it. It has yet to implement any common sense options that have been requested for years.

    ie. eliminating certain songs and certain channels from all suggestions, easily blocking certain channels, certain people. Nope it's a whole ton of clicks to do that too.


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