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April 7, 2015

ARC Welder: Run Android Apps in Chrome

Google added support for Android apps in Chrome OS, but there are only a few Android apps in Chrome Web Store. Developers tested the apps and tweaked them to work well in Chrome OS, even if they were created for phones and tablets.

Now there's an app for Chrome and Chrome OS that lets you run Android apps. It's called ARC Welder (ARC = App Runtime for Chrome, Weld = to unite) and it's mostly for Android developers that want to test their apps before submitting them to Chrome Web Store. You can select any APK file, but not all of them work, especially if they use Google Play Services APIs.

I've tried various APK files from A few of them worked properly (IMDb, BBC News, Wikipedia), while others crashed (for example: Amazon and Yahoo Weather), required Google Play Services (like YouTube and other Google apps) or didn't work that well (like Aviary). ARC is still in beta, so there are still many bugs that need to be fixed.


  1. friend bought first pc (win 10) and i wanted to treat him to showboxmovies. we installed arc welder. the 'test'box asked what to open it with... no idea. nothing that i can see. am i missing obvious..? it it zipped or something? please help. thanks very much

  2. dont want to risk viruses or probs with a new pc, is bluestacks or arc safe? just want to use it for showbox only, not games. feel worried about trusting it, it sounds pirate. ny help appreciated, thanks

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