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April 1, 2015

Google Contacts Preview and Gmail

If you switched to the new Google Contacts interface and select Contacts from the Gmail dropdown, you'll no longer see the old Google Contacts. Google will open the Contacts preview in a new tab and not inside Gmail, which doesn't use Material Design yet.

You can switch back to the old Contacts by clicking "Leave the Contacts preview" in the "More" menu. Another option is to use this permalink for the old Google Contacts: or this keyboard shortcut: press g then c in Gmail (assuming that keyboard shortcuts are enabled).


  1. Why in the world does Google think that when I bring up MY contacts and try to search for one of MY contacts, I want to search the whole world and not MY contact list??????????????

    I totally hate the new contact page. If Google disables the old interface and leaves the new one this way I will have to find a new contacts solution. I bet there will be many providers ready to jump into that vacuum.

    1. I feel you, this is the most incredibly poorly thought out functionality ever.

  2. when I click on More in Gmail (using win 10) - there is no option to "leave the contacts preview" - on my Gmail. However all works normally on my win 7 laptop - ie I can select contacts in the old way

  3. Many good new Gmail features but the CONTACTS set-up isn't one of them...I've tried all the 'suggestions' currently available but nothing seems to work so far as DELETING is concerned!

  4. I spent the time to organize my contacts and cant export them to my other devices and windows live mail etc...?

  5. I try to view my contact list, my cell phone is no longer working, it overheated!!! Is there a way to view my contact list? anyone?


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