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May 9, 2006

Listen To Pandora In Winamp

If you have the latest version of Winamp (namely, Winamp 5.32), you can add Pandora, a great online personalized radio, to Media Library so you can listen to the music without opening Pandora in a browser.

Close Winamp, then open this file in Notepad:
C:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\ml\ml_online.ini
(change the location if you've installed Winamp elsewhere).

Replace this line




In fact, you should find the last line that contains ElementID[number]=-1, replace it with the code above, where instead of 11 you write [number].

Save the file, then right-click on it in Explorer, select Properties and check "Read-only" in the Attributes section.

When you open Winamp again, go to Media Library/Online Services/Pandora. If you don't have a Pandora account, you should make one. You can close Media Library and still listen to the radio.

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