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July 13, 2006

Apple and Google Have the Most Loyal Users

MacNN reports that three studies conducted last year confirm that Apple, Google and Symantec are the high-tech companies with the most loyal customers.

"Apple, whose score far outranks its closest competitor, is well known for its passionate and dedicated customer base. Google's high Net Promoter Score establishes it as a clear leader in the emerging market of online services, with corresponding strong performance in share price," says Dr. Laura Brooks, vicepresident of Satmetrix Systems, the institute that conducted the studies.

Apple and Google are similar in many ways: simplicity, innovation, listening to their users. An interesting comment about Mac users:

"When we buy a Mac it is not just buying a computer. It's like contributing to a cause that we back up and support. To integrate computers around our lives and not the other way around. [...] Mac users even recognize each other miles away. Apple has a culture, a language, and a fashion."

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