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July 30, 2006

WinRAR Free Today

Note: the offer to get a free copy of WinRAR was only available on July 30 2006.

WinRAR's team was so happy that WinRAR has won the "best overall utility" award from Shareware Industry Awards Foundations, that they decided to offer non-upgradeable free licenses for WinRAR 3.51 this Sunday.

The only problem is that many people want to get the free license key, so their server is very slow. If the page doesn't load, try again. You may need to reload the page 10 times or more.

This is the link where you can fill some details about you and get a free license for the best Windows data compression utility. You'll get a mail that starts like this:

Download WinRAR 3.51 from here (1 MB), install it and then open the archive rarkey.rar that you've downloaded by clicking on the link from the mail. Now you have a great software for free.

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