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July 17, 2006

Google Talk's Head Start

Many journalists feel pity for Google Talk. While MSN Messenger has more 200 million users, Google Talk has only 3 million users (according to a comScore research in May). It may seem a very small number, but don't forget that Google Talk users are only a subset of those who use Gmail and Google Talk doesn't have all the features you can find in MSN Messenger (now Windows Live Messenger). The problem with instant messengers is that if your friend use MSN network, you have to use that network.

Google Talk has a lot of advantages: it uses an open protocol (XMPP / Jabber), it's a light application and it doesn't have great expectations, so you won't find ads or unrelated features. But Google Talk it's the first step to a complete VoIP offering that will include: voice mail, PC to phone calls, and other VoIP features.

For now, the only new thing about Google Talk is the release of three Plantronics co-branded headsets:
* Audio 310: Analog, Over-the-head mono headset
* Audio 330: Analog, Over-the head stereo headset w/ inline
* CS50 Wireless: USB, 200 foot range
The headsets are available at the Google Store.

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