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July 10, 2006

On Limits

Imagine a world without limits: no bandwidth limits, no speed limits, no time limits, no copyright limits. You can finish your projects when do you like, use any artwork that supports your ideas, drive your car without speed restrictions. Drive using the speed of your imagination. No physical restrictions, nothing that limits your actions.

Do you think you'll be a better man, you'll create more? If you have access to all the books ever written, will you use it? Will it make you feel more powerful? Or this will diminish your desire to explore, as everything is already there. Knowledge will put pressure on you and you'll stop wanting to improve. Because everything has already been said, everything has already been discovered.

While trying to overcome restrictions, your brain is more active. Salvador Dali was forcing himself to paint in painful situations (such as wearing very tight shoes), to create better pieces of art.

If you can do anything, you'll most likely do nothing.

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