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July 31, 2006

YubNub - Online Command-line

I wrote in Google as a Command-Line that "a single search box can be more powerful than more disparate search boxes". YubNub is an online command-line that have everything a Linux junkie would want: man for each command (manual), ls (a list of all the commands), parameters, the ability to create a new command. "But what's a command?", you'll ask me. A command can be anything: a search with Google, weather information, view source of a web page, go to an entry in the PHP manual, find who owns a domain and a lot more.

YubNub translates a URL like
into a simple command: whois

It's easier to use a command like this instead of keeping bookmarks or searching using Google. Many browsers include the ability to create shortcuts for search engines, but YubNub brings this approach to a new level. You can invoke a command multiple times by typing one line.

multi gim rose ginger searches Google Images for rose and ginger and shows the results in two frames so it's easy to compare them.

Type guess le vieux caffe to find the language of an expression (in this case French).

There is a big list of commands: here are just a few and everyone has a man entry, so you can find a description, parameters info and other details.

YubNub transforms any useful service into an alias, an easy to remember command, so you can keep your old-fashioned habits on the web. May the command-line force be with you!

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