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November 6, 2006


I hate to disappoint the two people who thought this blog is created by Google™. This blog is not affiliated in any way with Google™. I don't work for Google™.

For those who thought this blog tries to mislead people, I say it just tries to be an unofficial source of information about Google™. I didn't use this BlogSpot subdomain to trick people that might be looking for the Official Google™ Blog or other Google™'s blogs. In fact, when I started this blog, Google™ didn't have too many blogs.

Google™ repeatedly said it doesn't build an operating system (or a browser), so the name of my blog is just a metaphor for all their web applications that might diminish the value of a real operating system. It's not the name of a Google™ product.

I try to be objective, although I don't pretend to be a journalist, and try to create the blog I'd like to read in the morning on my laptop. That means the opinions presented here are my opinions and Google™ is not responsible for them.

Note: this post (and hopefully this blog) respects Google™'s Guidelines for Third Party Use of Google Brand Features, Google AdSense™'s terms of use and other policies and terms of use.

*Google and Google AdSense are trademarks of Google Inc.

This blog is not affiliated with Google.