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November 11, 2006

Photosynth - Transform Photo Collections into 3D Models

Photosynth is a very interesting software from Microsoft that takes a large number of photos from a place and tries to combine them into a 3D model of that place. Photosynth lets you understand the relation between your photos. Using similar photos from the Internet, the program can improve the rendering of the model.

"Each photo is processed by computer vision algorithms to extract hundreds of distinctive features, like the corner of a window frame or a door handle. Photos that share features are then linked together in a web."

Photosynth has the ability to process large collections of pictures fast and also uses Seadragon technology to ensure a smooth zooming.

Microsoft thinks this technology will be available for mass consumption next year and photo sharing websites will be the first to use it.

You can see a live demo here, but it requires Internet Explorer and Windows XP SP2 (or Vista), as it uses an ActiveX control.

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