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November 5, 2006

Options for Gmail Attachments Yet to Come

Now that Gmail added the option to open XLS files in Google Spreadsheets, it's time to add options for more file types. Here's my wishlist:

1. Image files (.jpg, .png, etc.)
* add to Picasa Web Albums
* create a slideshow

2. Videos
* upload to Google Video

3. Music (MP3, WMA, AC3, OGG)
* listen
* find lyrics
* information about the artists

4. Archives
* view file structure
* extract file

5. KMZ files
* view in Google Maps

6. MBX, EML files
* import in Gmail

7. C, CPP, etc.
* syntax highlighting
* compile

* convert to Microsoft Office formats
* open in Google Docs & Spreadsheets

9. PDF
* OCR this

10. All documents (DOC, PDF, PS, TXT)
* summarize
* find related web pages

What would you like to see?

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