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February 17, 2007

Finding Custom Search Engines

Google doesn't provide a way to find custom search engines built by other users, but you can restrict a normal Google search to the homepages of those search engines. You just have to add [ inurl:coop/cse] to your query. For example, you can use [ inurl:coop/cse css] to find custom search engines for CSS.

This might be useful if you have to do some research on a narrow topic and the regular Google search doesn't return good results. By restricting your search to a list of sites about CSS or web programming, you'll definitely find great results even for ambiguous queries like "position" or "display".

To make things even easier, I created a custom search engine that searches through more than 100,000 custom search engines.


  1. What I find amusing is that when I gave this query (CSS)into Microsoft Live, I got more results :~|

  2. A search engine that searches for search engines?! That is so meta my head exploded. :-P

  3. Google should really add meaningful titles to specific Custom Search Engines. The CSE that is named "State DOT Search Engine," for example, is titled "Google Co-op - Custom Search Engine" like every other CSE.

    Maybe Google needs to hire an HTML standards & accessibility engineer overseeing all kinds of projects.

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