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February 13, 2007

Yahoo Mail Beta Adds Instant Messaging

In February 2006, Google launched Gmail Chat, a simple feature that lets you send instant messages inside of your browser. In February 2007, Yahoo integrates its messenger into Yahoo Mail Beta.

Yahoo Mail opens an IM conversation in a new tab inside Yahoo Mail, unlike Gmail that shows a small box at the bottom of the window (you can maximize it). You can also start to compose a mail and then convert it to an instant message or the opposite.

Yahoo hopes to attract more people to Yahoo Messenger, that only has 73 million users, compared to more than 250 million users for Yahoo Mail. Note that the new feature is available only for the Yahoo Mail Beta and will be slowly released to everyone in the weeks to come.

If anyone asks you what's Yahoo Mail Beta, here's the official definition: "The Yahoo! Mail beta is a true Web 2.0 experience, including a sleek, easy-to-use interface with the speed and responsiveness of a desktop application. In addition to instant messaging, the Yahoo! Mail beta also features enhanced functionality such as drag and drop e-mail organization, message preview, an integrated calendar and an RSS reader."


  1. Great definition for the Yahoo Mail beta except the speed part. The biggest downfall to any of Yahoo's new web 2.0 applications including yahoo mail is the time it takes to load the page. GMail still has them beat on loading times. The speed is what everyone is looking for once they have been in there enough to see the cool features and graphics. I look forward to the many battles between Gmail and Yahoo mail (I guess you could throw Live Mail in there too).

  2. Yahoo! Mail just has too much irrelvant rubbish. I don't want weather, answers, news, a whole page for instant messaging, an rss reader. It also has too many adverts which are usually with images (or are flash).


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