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February 11, 2007

SearchMash Gets Smarter

SearchMash, Google's experimental search interface, has improved. Now when you type a query, an appropriate section from the right sidebar will expand. For example, instead of showing an image OneBox for [autumn], SearchMash expands the image search section.

Another interesting change is that SearchMash recognizes some classes of proper nouns and displays refinements for them. For "Britney Spears", you'll see these refinements: "songs", "albums", "lyrics", "history" and "influences". Unlike the related searches, these refinements are the same for a category, much like Google Co-op refinements. But Google only adds "songs" or "albums" to the initial query, so it doesn't use tagging like in Google Co-op. Another class of proper nouns is companies.

If you make a spelling mistake, SearchMash replaces: "Did you mean [this]" with "Did you mean [this]? Yes / No", so the suggestion becomes a real question. Also "See results for: [suggestion query]", followed by three top results for that query, becomes "Are you looking for [suggestion query]? Yes / No".

Another new thing is that SearchMash is down most of the time, so you'll have a hard time actually using Google's experiment. But if you'll be patient, you might see the future Google growing in front of your eyes.

SearchMash has a minimalistic interface that removes a lot of artificial elements and wants to integrate all the different kinds of search results into a single comprehensive page.


  1. I was using SearchMash exclusively for awhile and really liked the features presented, but as of a few weeks ago, I switched back to Google only because of my CustomizeGoogle Greasemonkey script and the McAfee Siteadvisor checkmarks (they are not available for SearchMash).

  2. Really nice site searchmash. Is it intended to take over Google interface later on or what?

    Thanks for the review.

  3. I don't think it's intended to take over from Google's interface, I quite like Searchmash's UI so I wouldnt be upset if they changed their mind

  4. I love the UI it's better than Google's! SearchMash is now my default search engine :)


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