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February 28, 2007


GOSwards are Google Operating System's awards for all Google-related things. They're like Oscars, except that the jury has a single member, there's no funny host and the winners have more to say (but they don't). Here are my awards for 2006:

The most expected Google product - GDrive, an online storage service that could integrate with many existing Google products.

The biggest change in Google's philosophy - tie between more features, less products and censoring search results in China.

The best document leaked from Google - the Analyst Day presentation plus some confidential information.

Best new product in 2006 - Google Docs & Spreadsheets. It may not be perfect, fast or fit for replacing Microsoft Office, but it's a very important part of Google Operating System.

Best group of a Google product - ex-aequo for Google Reader and Webmaster Group. There aren't many Google groups where people actually get answers from Google.

Best video about Google - Behind the Screen (a 47 minutes documentary, produced by SBS Broadcasting Group). Controversial issues, inside stories, discussions with smart people from Google and a speechless Marissa Mayer (that's rare).

Best Googley image - I couldn't decide between all these colorful photos of Google (free) food.

Best personal blog of a Googler - Niniane Wang, for being honest, funny and expansive.

Best unofficial Google Blog - Google Blogoscoped. No surprise here.

Best blog about Google from inside - Xooglers, not active anymore. A blog written by former Google employees.

Best official Google Blog - Google Reader Blog, for being smart and packed with cool tips and information about one of the fastest growing Google product in 2006.


  1. Nice pointer to the video! It's fun to have it running in the background while surfing..

  2. Best unofficial google blog should have been ''

  3. great idea with the awards.

    Anonymous said...
    Best unofficial google blog should have been ''


  4. > Best unofficial Google Blog - Google Blogoscoped. No
    > surprise here.