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December 7, 2007

iGoogle's Winter Theme

For those who like winter, for those who understand its beauty and playfulness, there's an iGoogle theme called Winter Scape. It was available back in March, when Google launched themes, but it was replaced by a theme for spring, now known as Seasonal Scape.

Description: "Brrrrr! Wintertime is here and there's snow on the ground. This friendly snowman will keep you company on your iGoogle homepage as the day goes by."

How it looks like:

How to get it: the theme is no longer available from iGoogle's interface, but you can still add it to one of your tabs. Copy this JavaScript code:


go to iGoogle, paste the code in the address bar, press Enter and click on the Save button in "Select a theme for this tab" to keep the new theme.

{ The second screenshot, that shows the PI easter egg, is powered by Tony Ruscoe's JS tricks. }

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