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December 23, 2007

Gmail and Google Maps Have the Same Number of Users

Last year, one of my blogs had 5 visitors, but the number increased dramatically to 63 last week. The growth is huge: 1160%, more than YouTube, Facebook or any Google service.

That's the main idea from TechCrunch's iGoogle Google's Homegrown Star Performer This Year, an article which announces us that, according to comScore data, iGoogle is the Google service with the biggest growth: 267.24%. Of course, my blog had a much bigger growth and relative percentages are meaningless.

Google's worldwide unique visitors (Nov. 2006 - Nov. 2007).
The numbers are in thousands. Source: comScore via TechCrunch.

Much more interesting is that Gmail and Google Maps have almost the same number of unique visitors: around 90 million. They're also the most visited Google services hosted at, after Google web search and image search (YouTube, Blogger and orkut aren't included in comScore's study).

It's also worth noting that Blog Search, Product Search, Google Calendar and Google Finance have negligible traffic and iGoogle has less users than Book Search. Product Search (previously known as Froogle) replaced Google Video on the homepage this month, so the current navigation bar should increase the number of users for the service.

Some conclusions: catchy names work better (Froogle had more traffic than Product Search and iGoogle has more traffic than Google Personalized Homepage), Google has yet to figure out how to use Gmail's popularity to increase the usage for other Google apps, Blog Search has the potential to become much more popular if Google integrates it in Google News, Google's navigation is still confusing and frustrating.

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