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March 21, 2008

Useful Google Translate Addresses

Translate a web page:|LANG2&u=URL

Example:|en&u= translates Corriere della Sera's homepage from Italian into English.

Translate a web page into English (the input language is detected automatically):

Example: translates Corriere della Sera's homepage from Italian into English, but without explicitly mentioning that the web page is written in Italian.

Use Google Translate as a proxy:|LANG2&u=URL

You basically want to read the page in its initial language, but loaded from Google's servers. LANG2 should be the code for your web page's language, while LANG1 can be any supported language so that LANG1|LANG2 is a valid language pair.

Example:|en&u= shows Craigslist's home page using Google Translate as a way to bypass security restrictions.

Translate a text:|LANG2&text=TEXT

Example:|es&text=Hello, world! translates "Hello, world!" from English into Spanish.


1. the language pairs are listed in this FAQ, while the language codes are included in this long list.

2. To disable Google Translate's annoying tooltips that show the original text, block this JavaScript file:, for example by adding a new rule in Adblock Plus for Firefox or by using Opera's content blocker.

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