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January 26, 2009

GrandCentral 2.0, Almost Ready to Be Released

Jeff Huber from Google writes that "a new [GrandCentral] version on new infrastructure will be coming soon" in a comment of a story about a recent certificate error in GrandCentral.

David Pogue adds: "Everyone from GrandCentral still works on GrandCentral, and the 2.0 version is imminent. A PR guy explained to me that it's taken a year to merge the GrandCentral servers with Google's, but they're nearly done."

Jeff Hubert posts an interesting list of acquisitions and the resulting Google products, but the only surprising news is that Zingku, the mobile social network acquired by Google in 2007, was used to create Google FriendConnect:

"Writely + XL2Web + TonicSystems -> Google Docs,
Keyhole -> Google Earth/Maps,
Urchin + MeasureMap -> Google Analytics,
JotSpot -> Google Sites,
Zingku -> Google FriendConnect,
Android -> Android,
DoubleClick -> DoubleClick,
Feedburner -> AdSense for Feeds (in-process);
sorry about Dodgeball".

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