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April 29, 2009

AdSense Reports in Google Analytics

The integration between Google Analytics and Google AdSense is a significant upgrade for AdSense's limited reports. Until now, AdSense didn't offer reports for individual pages and users had to manually create custom channels to track the performance for up to 200 pages.

The AdSense section from Google Analytics includes a lot of new information: the list of pages that bring the most important revenue, the most profitable referrers and you can find even more by creating custom segments.

Here are some things I was able to find from the reports:

* 63% of this month's revenue was from visitors who use IE, even if only 38.42% of the visits were from Internet Explorer users.

* 6.18% of the revenue was from Mac users, even if 10.24% of the visits were from Mac users.

* the visitors that come from Google Search click on the ads less than those that come from Yahoo Search and Live Search.

* new visitors are more likely to click on ads than returning visitors.

Google Analytics blog has more details about the integration and the way you can link your AdSense account with Google Analytics.

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