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January 22, 2011

Google Navigation Bar Switch

Google made a small change to the navigation bar used for its non-search services: the link to Google Reader was moved to the "more" drop-down, while the link to Picasa Web Albums was brought back to the main bar. At some point, both links were included in the main bar.

Google's Brian Rose said that the Picasa Web team is working on "some fun stuff" and we'll hopefully see some important changes in the near future. Meanwhile, Google Reader's team posted on Twitter that "the Reader link at the top of Gmail (and other sites) was accidentally removed. It's coming back soon, we promise."

It's still surprising to see that Google's navigation bar is not customizable and you can't add your favorite Google services. Google tested a customizable bar back in 2006, but this feature was quickly abandoned.

Update: A few days later, the link to Google Reader is back.

{ Thanks, Karol and Kristian. }

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