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April 29, 2011

5 Things to Try in Google Chrome 11

Google Chrome 11 has been released and there are many interesting features to try:

1. Use the Speech Input API by visiting Google Translate and selecting "English" from the list of input languages. "With this API, developers can give web apps the ability to transcribe your voice to text. When a web page uses this feature, you simply click on an icon and then speak into your computer's microphone. The recorded audio is sent to speech servers for transcription, after which the text is typed out for you."

Google tests a similar feature for Web search:

2. A new interface that notifies users when popup windows are blocked. Here's a site that lets you test Chrome's popup blocker.

3. Type chrome://crashes in the address bar to see a list of the most recent crashes.

4. Delete multiple search engines from the tabbed settings page. Press Ctrl while clicking the search engines you want to delete.

5. A new Chrome icon. "Since Chrome is all about making your web experience as easy and clutter-free as possible, we refreshed the Chrome icon to better represent these sentiments. A simpler icon embodies the Chrome spirit — to make the web quicker, lighter, and easier for all," explained Google last month.

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