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February 26, 2006

Standpoint - what do you believe?

Standpoint is a Web 2.0 startup that lets you express your point of view, give reasons that support it and influence the community.

What people think about Google?

13 people Google Maps is the best
10 people Google has done more good than evil
3 people Google is evil.
5 people Analysts are pushing up Google stock
1 person Google stock a good buy under $350.
5 people Google is overvalued
2 people Google maps is better than Mapquest, but is far cooler than both.
5 people Google is in the tech sector
1 person google is merely preparing for the future; not being evil
4 people Google has a really good service
2 people Google is innovative, fun, and a good model for modern business
3 people Google has done a lot for promoting corporate responsibility
3 people There are important reasons for Google complying with China's demands
3 people Google Maps is simple and straitforward, providing clean and accurate directions
3 people google rocks
3 people Google influnced how ethically Microsoft acts
3 people google give more linux support than microsoft
1 person Google video fun
1 person Use Google Local to find a good coffee shop in Salt Lake City!
1 person Google isn't good, just because both words start with the same letters

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