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February 9, 2006

Google Desktop Is Back

Google Desktop 3 brings new features:

* customize and view personalized information anywhere on the the desktop by clicking and dragging your favorite panels wherever you like

* share information from your Sidebar panels with your contacts by sending it to them through email or directly to their Sidebar

* search across computers enables you to search your documents and viewed web pages across all your computers. For example, you could find files you edited on your desktop from your laptop. You can search only Web history, Office documents, PDF and text file using the remote search.

"When you search, the Desktop uses Google servers to create a conduit between the computers, but then delete any information retrieved from Google servers. Results are text-only, somewhat of a limitation, and you can't transfer files in a native format between computers using this service. But it's a great way to find documents on other computers without having to run a search on multiple machines." (Chris Sherman)

* lock search with a password to prevent anyone from doing a Desktop Search on your computer

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