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February 7, 2006

Innovative Opera To Mimic Firefox

Opera 9, the soon-to-be-launched version of the fastest browser in the world, will try to catch up with Firefox. Opera, well-known for its innovative features, released a technology preview of Opera 9, codenamed Merlin, that includes:

* Opera widgets: small JavaScript applications that try to mimic Firefox extensions
* BitTorrent: download torrent files, search torrent files
* Customize your search engines: just like Firefox, Internet Explorer 7
* Improved content blocker: Just right click on a page and select “block content”. Any content not greyed out can be blocked with a click. Select “done” and see the page the way you want. A combination of AdBlock and GreaseMonkey extensions
* Site specific preferences: accept or reject cookies, select specific CSS pages
* Thumbnail preview: hover your mouse on the tab title and preview the page
* Source viewer with syntax highlighting
* opera:config, well like Firefox's about:config

Opera Technology Preview 2