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July 23, 2008

Export the Feeds from a Google Reader Folder

Most feed readers let you import and export subscriptions using the OPML format. For Google Reader, you'll find this option in Settings > Import/Export.

But what happens when you need to export the feeds from a single folder so you can share them with a friend or upload them to a site? Google Reader lets you export the feeds from a folder:
(you should replace FOLDER with the actual name of the folder)

Another way to share the subscriptions from a folder is to make it public and to use this link for the OPML file:
(USERID can be obtained from the public page created by Google Reader)

This also works if someone shares with you the page of a public folder and you want to obtain the list of subscriptions from that folder. If I share with you my Googlers folder:

you can easily obtain the link to the corresponding OPML file by replacing shared with public/subscriptions:

{ Inspired by Abhijeet M. }


  1. Thanks Ionut ! I updated my post too.

  2. Now if Reader would just allow me to rename folders.


  3. Thanks, but this should be an usual feature.
    Also agree with Tsudohnimh on folder renaming.

  4. good method to export a certain feed~

  5. Does google reader support exporting feed or folder to xml file ?

  6. How do I export a Folder as RSS?
    I am only able to get an export as Atom Feed, but I need an aggregation of all feeds from a folder as RSS...

  7. Thanks so much for this post. I have tried this a couple times, but it ends up pulling all my feeds, not just the feeds from a specific folder. Any thoughts would be most appreciated.

  8. i get only list, not contents of all feeds.

  9. wish Google could automatically identify friends birthdays instead of we asking them and filling it manually..


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