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September 16, 2008

Gmail's Forgotten Attachment Detector

Gmail Labs added two new experimental features: a "Mark as Read" button and a very basic script that warns if you write about attaching documents but you forget to actually attach them.

The attachment detector couldn't recognize patterns like "I attached a file", "Check the attached file", but it worked when using: "I've attached..." and "I have attached". Greasemonkey scripts like Gmail attachment reminder find their way in Gmail Labs and you no longer need to use Firefox or install a certain extension to use them.

{ Thanks, Carlos. }


  1. FINALLY, the "Mark Read" button, i've been waiting for it since AGES* !!!
    (well, ages is the time since the mark read button greasemonkey script stopped working with the gmail 2.0 interface)


  2. kmail has this same feature on KDE. It's saved me the hassle of resending a couple of times, and also had a few false alarms. Overall, it's pretty useful

  3. See US Patent US7016937

  4. and see

  5. This sounds pretty familiar. Didn't GMail used to do this years ago?

    Did they take it out, and just now reimplement it?

  6. @Anonymous:
    I don't think so. Maybe you installed a Greasemonkey script or an extension like Better Gmail.

  7. US Patent US7016937 makes me sad. What's next - one-click checkout? Oh wait.

  8. While reading mails "Mark as Unread" button would be nice too. I thought they also added it. I looked for it for a time as if they did. I read the post and it mentions only "mark as read" button. I am so disappointed. Hear me Gmail! I also want "Mark as Unread" button. I don't want to use dropdown for the features I use most.

  9. I, too, would like a "Mark as Unread" button.

  10. This feature is pretty useless if I have to type the exact phrase "I have attached". If I can remember to type that I might as well remember to attach the file.

  11. In french, there is a detection problem. If I says that a friend should join a mailing list or a group, with such a sentense: "Pol s'est joint au groupe", then there is a faulty positive detection of an attachement file.
    This feature cannot be disabled in the Lab config page, which is a problem for me.
    I don't like this new feature.

  12. Attachment detector failed with "... a look at attached resume and let ... "
    Not cool : |


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